Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Did George Zimmerman Cry for Help? (Audio expert now has doubts)

Summary: Audio expert wants to explain that him saying "in my opinion, it doesn't sound like George Zimmerman's sample" doesn't mean he necessarily thinks it's not Zimmerman and is Trayvon; he needs more data, basically.

No, it was Trayvon crying out “won’t someone help me beat the sh*t out of this lil’ crackah?!”

Just use common sense man.

You have someone clearly in distress, in fear, screaming for help and you have a victim with a possible bloody nose, cuts and abrasions to the back of his head.

Who was initially in control of encounter once the violence ensued?

Now, who would be crying out for help as if in fear for their life?


Ron wuz bettuh dan dis dude....

It would be interesting to see if the level of crime in the neighborhood dropped after Trayvon got put down.


He reveals his bias when he reveals that he is a regular reader of the Mother Jones Blog. He might as well say that he iw a reader of the Communist Party USA blog.

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  1. Anyone who might think any of these racist comments are racist is clearly the real racist. Racists.