Sunday, July 29, 2012

Do YOU really think Obama might be Muslim?

Of course he’s a Muslim. And a crypto-Marxist.


His pattern of behavior indicates he is Shia muslim.

Also, Shias are common among the priveleged families in Indonesia where he was schooled early in life.


I think he’s a narcissistic agnostic, but a cultural Muslim because he grew up thinking Muslim things were cool.


I would say he has sympathies with Islam over other religions, but that he is an atheist - not because of intellectually embracing the concept of the universe springing into existence by itself but because he is a hedonist who must reject all outside moral authority.

Larry Sinclair was believable.

As a bisexual who prefers males there is no room for truly embracing Islam in O’bonghits life. 


He is an amoral marxist with muslim leanings. He grew up muslim. He is fundamentally unamerican at his core.


Quite frankly, I do not think he is Muslim. But I don’t think he is particularly Christian either. I think he just goes through the motions for political gain.


Of course he is a Muslim.

My internet connection is too slow to watch the video. But he is a Muslim by numerous definitions.

1. His father was a Muslim. According to Muslim belief, all children of a Muslim are Muslims, on pain of death if they leave the faith.

2. His Indonesian step-father was a Muslim when he adopted him.

3. He was registered as a Muslim in Indonesia, where he studied the Koran, attended mosque services, and spoke the prayers that make you a Muslim.

4. There is no baptismal certificate in evidence. He said he attended a “Christian church,” but has never said that he was baptized. And his “church” was in practical fact a Black Muslim church, run by a former Black Muslim minister, which publicly announced that Muslims could be members without being baptized or renouncing their faith.

5. If he had abandoned his childhood Muslim faith, numerous fatwahs would have been issued against him, calling for his death. Nothing of the kind has ever happened. The only obvious explanation is that all those extremist Muslim clerics do not believe that he HAS abandoned their faith. He has quietly assured them that he is still a Muslim, while using with Takiya to fool the unbelievers in America.

6. At every opportunity he has worked against Christianity and in favor of Islam, but at home and abroad.
Is this proof positive? Not quite. But I’d call it about 99.9999% certain. How else to explain all this?


0bama is a Muslim


I think he is a Satanic being. Probably has no religion except what he thinks will help fool people.
If he is anything tho, it is probably Islam which I consider Satanic anyway.


I think Gay Muslim. Speaking of which......

I recently read a reply where someone mentioned that photo of Obama on the couch with his pakistani roommate. He’s smoking a cigarette (roomate). They’re close, very close. They look like they just got done having sex. His roommate looks satisfied, Obama not so much. Anyway, the FREEPER making the comment noted that their hands were intertwined. I had never noticed that before. I see now that it’s true. I tried enlarging the picture and sharpening it. Didn’t work well. I can see multiple fingers intertwined. Can anyone enlarge that picture and sharpen it to clearly see Obama holding hands with that guy, and post it? Thanks.


He grew up with a muslim worldview-—he sees women and human beings through the muslim prism. (He prefers bath houses and Rahm for recreation).

His mother was a Marxist/Atheist and hated everything in Western Civ—and the basis of its power and ideology—Judeo/Christian Ethics. So, God is always mocked and marginalized by atheists like his mother, where Truth never exists. That is why zero is a pathological liar-—there was no Truth in his early childhood—just Marxist/Muslim indoctrination.

The Founding Fathers were reviled, as was God and God-given Rights and people like Winston Churchill who believed in Right and Wrong—according to Judeo-Christian Ethics.

It is why Evil is now “good”-—according to zero—to finish the elimination of the Christian paradigm in America so children are conditioned to think evil is “good”, so that we have no God-Given Rights. Zero wants to be a god and dictate every thought (sodomy is great), etc that people are allowed to have-—like Cathy. He is trashing and mocking Biblical belief.


 I think he is a marxist, bi-sexual, athiest muslim. I think he does not truly believe in allah per se. I think he just was raised in the culture, identifies with it, and loves it more than anything “America”.

And he is into oral gratification with men. The most disgusting president of all time. In 100 years they will scratch their head at him as they ponder our self hatred of this era.


When Obama refers to the Quran he refers to it as the Holy Quran.

When he refers to the Bible he just says the Bible. 

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  1. "When Obama refers to the Quran he refers to it as the Holy Quran.

    When he refers to the Bible he just says the Bible."

    He should be referring to both as fiction, if he has to at all.