Sunday, July 8, 2012

Despite Delays, Chair Lifts Coming To Public Pools

Excerpt: "Pools open to the public were supposed to have chair lifts installed for people with disabilities in time for this summer, but after a wave of protests, the federal order was delayed until January.

Still, some of the country's 300,000 or so pools at hotels, parks and gyms continue to fight the requirement."

Ok, so I have a question. Is a lifeguard required now for all public pools? What if a disabled person, who is disabled enough not to be able to get into the pool, gets into trouble when in said pool? Will the owners of the public pool be sued? I think the person should sue the Gov’t for requiring these $10,000 lifts at EVERY pool. Another expense that small business owners (think Motel 6) cannot afford. The Democrats will completely destroy this economy if they get 4 more years. 


Anybody else out there getting pretty darn sick of entitled disabled people?

How about we require that each such pool needs an at-the-ready “Companion Dolphin” to swim around in the pool with said disabled person?

I myself cannot keep food down whenever I happen to see or hear Obama. Finding a lawyer and a doctor to get this declared a disability should be a piece of cake. I demand an electronic device that superimposes Stalin’s face and Bugs Bunny’s voice whenever the O appears. Certainly would make my life better.


“Anybody else out there getting pretty darn sick of entitled disabled people”?

...our neighborhood “Kroger” grocery store has about 20 handicapped parking spaces. I go there at least 3 x’s a week and never are there more than 2 in use. I took my visiting 88 year old Mother in law there and parked in one. I don’t have a pass but she’s 88 and it was 100 degrees so I had to park closely. I got scolded by some passer by. Stayed there anyway and got nasty stares all the way through the store. Only 1 other space was in use. So yeah, I’m sick of it.

--- Yes, I'm sure that EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE STORE knew you were the guy who parked in the handicapped space, and when you got back to you car, the ghosts of Reagan and Thomas Jefferson were waiting to give you a standing ovation for your exercise in Freedom.


"Who gave us the Americans with Disabilities Act? George HW Bush. He also gave us David Souter and, read my lips, a massive tax increase.

Nixon gave us the EPA and Title IX."

And Reagan gave us Sandra Day O'Connor, Amnesty and the 21-year old drinking age.

"But, surely, Mitt Romney will be different and another Ronald Reagan...Just look at his record as governor!"

You might not want to look at Reagan's record as governor too closely.


When does accidently splashing one of them become a hate crime and open one to a huge lawsuit becuase a 5-year old didn’t observe the nosplashing within 100 feet of a disabled person rule when diving into a pool?


A: "You should read the comments at the main npr site. The liberals’ feathers are highly ruffled that the writer put such a realistic face on the law and its effects. Stupid law."

B: "I sometimes listen to NPR in the car and a few months back they were doing a series on small businesses being wiped out due to government over-regulation. I was surprised to be hearing this on NPR, given their reputation.
Honestly, I think NPR is more "fair and balanced" than most of the network and cable news stations." 

A: "Dear Godfearing Texan: You don’t listen enough to NPR. It is the voice of communism in the US.
They must be defunded as priority one next year."

B: "That's why they're publishing articles like this one and airing reports on crippling government over-regulation? "


My husband and I went to a hotel....there were a LINE of about 10 handicapped spaces available along the building...the parking lot was very full, and our dog was in our vehicle for the night....soooo...we parked IN a handicapped one (right below our room) WHO is going to come and monitor a hotel parking lot for handicapped violations, esp. when they are empty? Course, don’t get me started on “compact” parking spaces....


I have mixed feelings about this. I’m visualizing a small town with one pool and limited resources. They should be exempt. I’m thinking of my community though which has multiple pools. One at least could have one of these devices and those special stairs for getting in and out (I’ve actually used those on days when I’m a bit stiff). My fitness center has three pools. One of them has this device and the stairs. It’s the indoor pool. I saw a young man in a wheel chair though who had the upper body strength to swing himself out of the chair and into the water and back out again - no legs. But in another 20 years, what will he do. Motel 6, nope. Small one pool towns nope. Maybe local option and market forces but not federal government. That’s what I’m thinking.


  1. "You might not want to look at Reagan's record as governor too closely."

    So how quickly was this person crucified for slandering Reagan the Mighty, Reagan the Gentle, Reagan the True Conservative, Blessed Be His Name?

  2. "Course, don’t get me started on “compact” parking spaces...."

    Uh, seriously, WTF? You're mad that someone has let you know that a particular parking space is too small for your big-ass pickup with the gun rack? Or do you think a business owner has an obligation to ensure that every parking space can fit an Escalade? Go ahead, big guy. Prove that you love Freedom and that no one can tell you what to do by parking there. Just don't come crying when you snap off your mirrors or open up the side of your car on a pillar trying to back in.

  3. "I myself cannot keep food down whenever I happen to see or hear Obama. Finding a lawyer and a doctor to get this declared a disability should be a piece of cake."

    I'm sure the psychologist the Disability Determination people send you to will find your story very interesting. He might even get a paper out of it. Or at least some good "One client I had" stories for the conferences.

  4. With chair lifts in pools, everyone could get to enjoy the water. This is great news for those who loves the water but just can't get into the pool because of their current situation.