Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Obama wedding-ring mystery dates to Harvard (Short but funny)

Summary: Obama wore a ring on his left hand ring-finger before marrying Michelle, the implications of which are astounding to WND.


Sham marriage to stay in the country. Add that to his growing list of apparent felonies...
Same sex marriage wasn’t legal back then.


he sure looks older in those photos from 1990


Maybe from the Pakistani couch cuddler! We may have our first gay marriage president!


Remember when the ring disappeared during Ramadan and was supposedly being “repaired”? And is it true that muslims don’t wear jewelry during Ramadan? Time to check any current photos for the ring.

The ring itself bears muslim and hindu references, IIRC.

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  1. "he sure looks older in those photos from 1990"

    Damn you Fartbama and your magical time machine! Damn you to heck!

    /1.81 gigawatts