Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indian Americans ahead of all other ethnic minorities in US

Summary: According to the article, Indian-Americans are highly educated and paid, and also are marrying within their community and having children at a high rate.

They get paid all that even though you can't hardly understand a word they're saying when you call 'customer service?' /s 


And most of them are, uh, “black”. What to do now?

--- I have no idea what this person is talking about. Anyone?


The rules of caste - varna and jati - are so complicated, it’s a wonder Indians find anyone to marry at all.

Fortunately for them, there’s a billion of them, which makes finding someone - anyone - somewhat less insurmountable.


Indian Americans - dot or feather?


I seriously did not know indians were considered asians

more power to all asian immigrants, they work hard and know how to take care of their families
the democratic leanings are probably counterproductive for them, I think/hope they will realize that sometime


"This is an interesting development. They tend to be solidly Democrat most of the time, but can be persuaded to vote Republican with the right candidate and the right kind of appeal."

Don’t count on it

They are another race who feels they are entitled and that YT owes them.

The young ones might be successful but they quickly bring their relatives over and sign them up for all the goodies given out by the government.

Simple question, if Indians value hard work and education so much then why is India a 3rd world cesspool?

"Learn history! The British ruled India until 1947 for 150 years, who systematically prevented industrialization by exporting raw materials from India to Britain and then exporing finished goods to India"


Their religion makes them very insular. Uniquely Indian.


"Only 12% of Indian-American newlyweds between 2008 and 2010 married out of the community"

This is because the majority of their marriages are arranged while the children are still young. Sometimes they marry outside of this, but most often it still is arranged. While this seems out of date to us, in a company I worked for I did notice that the majority of Americans were divorced, while the Indians had stong families and seemed perfectly happy. 


“Indians are also the fastest growing source of illegal aliens.”

I don’t doubt that. The left coast is overrun with Asians. I am sure many of them are here illegally also, but people only think of Mexicans that walk across.

And aren’t the Indians beneficiaries of Affirmative Actions and government set-aside contracts also?

Ironic, a billion of them in the world, the creators of the caste system, and preferred above the white American populace by an official USA government racist policy. When will Affirmative Action be sunset?

"Nope. Indian Americans, like other Asian Americans, do NOT qualify for affirmative action of any sort."


India, a country with a billion population, managed to get only one medal in the last Olympics. That was in marksmanship. That should tell you something.


I’m all for mixing of races and ethnicities, but there is something to be said for marrying in your own group....

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