Friday, July 13, 2012

YouTube - Old Homosexual Warning Video (1961)

<a href="">Link to video on YouTube</a>

“One never knows when the Homosexual is about!”
ROFLMAO! Ain't that the truth!

"A bit of exaggeration maybe, but certainly no more than gay advocates employ while putting the happy face on homosexuality today."

There is no exaggeration. Sodomites are even more dangerous, especially to children, than the film portrays.

I have no idea why any women, lesbian of straight, would ever support such a vile network of men.

‘Gives me the creeps....

Personally I see no exaggeration in the film at all.

Lesbians are very violent too. To each other and to children. All homosexual people are mentally I’ll, and are therefore unhappy and know something is just “off” with them, which is why they must constantly be told they are accepted and celebrated, even though they know inside they are messed up and not right. They know they aren’t right but they crave others to tell them they are, but it doesn’t satisfy their inner voice that says they aren’t, and they remain unhappy and instead of realizing they are screwed up, they blame society for them feeling that way.

"We need these videos even more than we did in the 1960s, my guess is that homosexual crime and assault is VASTLY under reported and pursued today."
If Sandusky's boy victims had been shown the full length version of this video... most if not all would not have become his victims.

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