Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cheney: Palin pick in ’08 “a mistake”

Dick Cheney is WRONG! I would never have voted for McCain WITHOUT Sarah Palin being on the ticket. McCain would have lost by a landslide without her! Cheney is just another establishment GOPer!


“I’d say picking John McCain was the huge mistake.”



Why did Cheney personally attack Palin and on Leftist ABC AKA the belly of the enemy beast?

Orders from the GOP-e?

It was totally petty and a shameless MSM butt kiss on his part.

Lost some respect for the former Veep... 


In 2008 I voted for Palin -- I continue to think very highly of Sarah Palin, and I would vote for her again if given a chance. But I do regret my vote in 2008, because it registered as a vote for McCain. I am ashamed to have voted for that man.

In 2012, the country will get either Romney or Obama. I won't be participating in that particular voting exercise because I would be ashamed to have voted for either.

It's people like Cheney -- deep establishment guys -- who have built a political system that feels broken, and dirty and wrong to me. The Tree of Liberty thirsts and I have no plan to do anything that might delay the drink. 


Palin was more ready then McCain.


McCain was the loser from day 1. He remains one of Obama’s biggest fans.


Cheney also almost singlehandedly set us in the course we are on now with homos in the military. He decided that aan all male fighting force was bad. Women didn’t fly fighter jets when he came in. But they did under him. And his handling of tailhook gutted the finest Naval Air arm the world has ever seen.
He destroyed numerous careers. Some of the best we’ve ever had.

There is nothing to admire in Cheney. He’s a coward who amazingly gets “man” credits for being willing to send others for doing what he wouldn’t.

PS, and his wife writes porn, and his mother was a softball champion. (just saying)


Mr. Cheney, if Palin was a mistake, what do you call Joe Biden?

Another reason why Nov. 6th will be my last GOP vote.

On November 7th we lay the groundwork for 2014 and 2016 with a new conservative party.

The GOP is a shadow of its former self, and part of the overall problem in DC.

Palin was good for at least 10 million votes.

Quite frankly, McCain was the “mistake” in 2008.

And Palin would have helped win it for the GOP if she was not muzzled and if Johnnie Boy didn;t take a dive 
for his Commie overlords.

Plus Palin had more executove experience than McCain, Obama, and Biden COMBINED!!!!!!


This is AFTER his heart transplant (gave him a Lib heart?). Also he does NOT say weather Sarah made them lose. He does not comment on pathetic paucity of Obama’s “experience”


This overrated clown has given me some perspective.

I am not a Romney fan but i despise Obama. In recent weeks, i’ve come to begrudgingly accept the reality that i either vote for Romney or Obama. I’ve seen jim Robs arguments against Romney, and sadly thought he was mistaken.

I thought the GOPe would at least show some basic respect to conservatives/TEA. That i should go with the lesser of two evils. Now i’m agreeing with Jerry Garcia. “The lesser of two evils is still evil”.

This statement by Cheney about Sarah, and Romneys behavior towards Sarah vis-a-vis the convention is an open warning to us. This is pure GOPe resurgent. They will not show the slightest respect to us after a victory.

They demand our vote as a devine right.

I am now back with Jim Rob in his assessment of this election. Short of a massive ass kissing, short of the GOPe kissing Sarahs ring, i sit it out or go third. The main goal in this election is damaging the GOPe brand all we can and set our sights on 2016.


Sarah Palin is sitting on between 18 and 20 years executive experience. This is more than almost any other President we have ever had.

Palin’s record includes a term on the Wasilla Council, two terms as Wasilla, AK Mayor, a stint as Chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and gas Conservation Commission (which she left to almost single-handily take down the corrupt GOP Establishment in Alaska). She served as president of the Alaska mayors association and as chairman of the Republican governors. As governor she accomplished more in two years than most do in eight years. Alaska has the largest national guard and they are always on active duty with the governor briefed daily.

The Governorship of Alaska, as defined by the Alaska state Constitution, is the most powerful in the nation. This has left Sarah Palin uniquely qualified to go from being the most powerful Governor in the nation to being the most powerful national leader in the world.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it...DICK!


She is the only Conservative that has been able to make an impact directly on the pop culture... you know... that thing that is destroying our Republic.


There was a time when I just loved Cheney — I even have a cat named after him. So sad to find out what he really is....


Maybe it's good that people will have to think it over and make a choice.

I never got all the Cheney worship. It seemed like he had an agenda of his own that didn't have much in common with conservatism.

I do understand why so many people like and admire Palin, though some times I think they don't see her clearly enough.

But now that Cheney's set himself in opposition to Palin, people are going to have to rethink where they stand. 

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  1. "There was a time when I just loved Cheney — I even have a cat named after him. So sad to find out what he really is...."

    Who names a cat Dick? That's a horrible name.