Friday, July 13, 2012

Is there any evidence at all that Condoleeza Rice is a conservative? (And comments from other posts about the Condi rumor)

Vanity Post:
This is real simple. Is Condi a conservative? Or is she GOP-E?
Is Romney (well, I know it's only rumors for now) going to pick Condi because she's black?......Is Romney planning on pandering?

Or is there a long list of conservative, constitutionalist, limited government positions that Condi holds and I've just forgotten?

So Condi is "smart". Define "smart"? Obama is "smart". We're told all these people are smart.
Where's the proof? Big government is not smart.

I want conservatism. I want limited government. I want my freedom back.

No, she’s not. Not even remotely.

Moreover, she owns a home in Cali with an out lesbian.

Rice is a lesbian, I’d wager.

I’ll vote Romney no matter what, but gee, this is really pushing the envelope in teh wrong direction.

Rice’s only redeeming quality at this particular point in US history is the same one Obama has: she has some black blood flowing through her veins. Twice as much, actually.

IOW, it would be pure racism that would land her on the ticket. But hey! That’s politics.


I don’t really give a damn who Willard chooses.

I voted for VP once in ‘08. I will never, EVER, do it again.
My favorite candidate was Cain. I would not touch rice or that other “black conservative” who’s name escapes me. I saw him speak at the Key Arena in Seattle. I did not like what I heard, politically speaking.
WHile Rice would be an interesting selection for a campaign, I would prefer someone who could add some political balance to the ticket ... also, someone with better foreign and defense policy credentials or positions. How about Newt (if he’d take it), or any of several other well-known people we could probably agree on? We want as good a govt as possible now after these last 3.5 disastrous years ...

Why do we always put our people down
Condi is smart, conservative in most areas.
Don't knock her down, She is a black women that is hated by her own race because she's on are side.
She is a brave lady.
Can't we just say why we want someone else without putting her down?

I don't know about you but after hearing about this VP pick I was pondering whether or not I wish something BIG would come out of the Obama claims about Romney - so BIG that Romney would have to step down and maybe Newt or someone else could be the nominee.


I'm starting to suspect West may have hit a snag in the vetting process. He's such an obvious choice, loved by the base....and smart as a whip....yet he rarely gets mentioned by the campaign insiders.
Its a shame that Condi is a flipping RINO.. a damn shame..
You’d think she’d have more sense than that...

I want to like her but shes barely not a democrat..
She’s strange.. something about her thats queer..


I had my comment all ready, but you pre-empted me.

So let’s see here. Most likely a Lesbo (lightly closeted) abortion supporter, internationalist, despised by most Blacks as a sellout, baggage from Bush.

But hey - there’s an upside. Sort of.

She ~WILL~ kick Biden’s ass in a debate. But then so could most third graders. Maybe even Megan McCain.



Sure way to loose an election. She’s a lib and connected to one of the dumbest Klans in politics. The damn Bushes put this moron in the White House.


Are you romney supporters feeling the love yet? Are you happy and giddy and flying high these days? Go read rice's pre 2008 election interviews... read her words carefully and then come back and tell me that she is the best person to represent the GOP and act as backup for the A Team.

At least colon powell admitted that he voted for obama... when you think about it... romney/rice... figures.

Liberal Condi would be absolutely no help to Romney. He needs a name bigger than his to win decisively! We need someone who is against LOST and sees the UN for what it is: an America hating organization of little empires like Zimbobyou seeking to take over the Hoover Dam and all of America’s federal land.

Condi was a piss poor SOS serving a RINO, who learned her ‘craft’ where Albright learned hers.

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