Monday, July 16, 2012

Romney’s Palin Problem: Where’s Her Convention Invite? (Advisor: she will be prohibited to speak)

I believe the GOPe would rather have a second term of Ubama than allow Sarah Palin anywhere near the White Hut.

I’d like to officially go on record as STRONGLY discouraging the GOP from cutting back at all, on Palin’s time.

In fact, I would strongly, strongly encourage Romney to maximize his Palin time, and even nominate Palin as his VP.

Yes I mean that. Go Palin.


To the headline: Why is anyone surprised? Romney has done everything he can to destroy her.
He loathes conservatives.......laughing at the thought of those who really think they can hold his feet to the fire and force him to work with conservatives.

Team Romney has decided that banning Sarah Palin from the convention is going to make Mitt more appealing to independents and have decided to dare conservatives to stay home on election day if we don’t like it.

And Romney’s re-hiring of Kevin Madden, the Palin-hating, Troopergate smear peddler of the 2008 convention to replace Eric Fenstrohm was sending her a message that she is not welcome at this year’s convention.

That’s why she returned Newsweak’s email and responded to this story and Romney is going to regret banning her.


don’t want Sarah... then you don’t want my vote
The MAIN reason we lost the 2008 election was McCAIN but establishment RINOs just cannot see that as a possiblilty. Palin blew Biden away in the debates. McCain...was good at one debate but the rest put me to sleep where he acted like he needed to be.

Without Palin in 2008, I could not have endured the convention to the election.
I knew the election was lost when McCain told that elderly woman that we “Dont have to fear an Obama presidency” what kind of idiot says THAT! The ONLY reason why I gave money for the first time EVER to a campaign in 2008 was because of Sarah Palin..she energized me in a way I never imagined before. The only reason why Romney doesn’t want her to be there is because he knows she will take his spotlight, something he craves. They make the excuse about her working for Fox News, OK so I guess Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee won’t be allowed to speak either?
I’m tentatively pending on confirmation of this story.

I think it sounds like bunk.

But then again, I’ve been wrong before.

I certainly hope it’s bunk.
Sarah Palin is intelligent, caring and real. She leads by example and if her prescriptions for energy independence, free market principles and less government were followed, the country would be on a path to recovery. It would be to the detriment of the GOP and Romney if she is not given a role in Tampa.
The Republican Party is rotting from within. I wish Sarah and other like-minded politicans would flip the elites the bird and all join another party, like the Constitution Party.

They all are so clearly not welcome, as are the rank-and-file conservative, it just doesn’t make sense to waste time with them.


I remember when Glenn Beck was talking about how the progressives and communists had taken over the Democrat party and were starting to take over the GOP and I thought to myself “Nah, not the GOP” but these RINOS they act just like the Democrats too. I can say one thing that the Dems do differently than the RINOS do in our party, they don’t eat their own. You’ll never hear any Dem trash Wasserman Shultz even though she is a walking epic fail of stupid..but with the GOP elitists, for some reason, love trashing Conservatives. If Romney had ANY brains in his head, he would have invited Sarah a long time ago, even if he doesn’t like her, he could have used her support, by doing this, all he has done is alienated a large portion of the GOP, is Romney THAT desperate for Independent voters that he will throw us down the shaft
All I can say to this is,If Sarah Palin was A Disaster that tells Me That Romney Buys the Media Propaganda and that does Not Bode well for HIS campaign. Sarah Palin was the reason I voted for McCain Not Him. We shall see what Romneys Philosophy is when he makes his Pick,I would hate to be Romney if after this disaster of a Presidency Romney Loses the election. This is as Close to a NO BRAINER as there could ever be. Only a TOTAL LOSER,and I mean total LOOOOOOSER,could be defeated by this America Hating serially Liar and Traitor.
So Far The Bus Driver is Getting ready to get into the Bus,Im not ready to star Chanting, Start The Bus,Or Hey Hey Na na na na, Na na na,na, Hey Hey Hey Good Bye! YET,But its getting Close

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  1. After the first few, I started reading these posts in Saint Sarah's nasal voice. Try it! It's fun! It makes the whining and scolding all that more hilarious.