Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Allen West: Obama Wants Americans To "Be His Slave"

"He does not want you to have the self-esteem of getting up and earning, and having that title of American. He'd rather you be his slave," Rep. Allen West
that’s the whole point. Keep the Crackers working his plantation.....

West is right. Even Bill Clinton wants people to work and be successful. Bambi wants us on the dole.

--- Wouldn't a society completely reliant on Welfare be the opposite of slavery?
Of course he does. He wants us the dhimmi.

Back when ‘they’ were comparing Lincoln v Obama, the ‘similarities’ were noted and I had cited they left one out.

Lincoln FREED the slaves
Obama wants to enslave US.

I also would happily ‘cast my lot’ with Rep West — I have a very long list of whom I do NOT want as POTUS, Obama, any Clinton, any Bush and certainly Romney top that list...

"There's a book worth reading called Guns of the South. It's a work of alternative fiction, but West's comment reminds me of a group in the book called AWB (America Will Break). It was a group hell-bent on revenge against the U.S. (the reasons for which I'll leave out in case anyone decides to pick it up -- it's a really good read).

Obama, Wright, Holder, and Van Jones all seem to have this mentality in common -- when they refer to "social justice" they really mean "revenge". It's not enough to level the playing field; they want to exact retribution upon the American people. "
It isn’t just against the American people it is against the idea of America as a whole....it would behoove you to research the soviet insurgency here in the US pre-cold war. Now don’t get your panties in a wad and call me a conspiracy theorist b/c I am not one of those wackos...but the soviets had a very predetermined psychological warfare plot on the US....just took a little longer than they had planned....
"When West either retracts or refines his support for “justice for Trayvon”*, then I’ll pay him mind."
I don’t know what West was thinking when he came up with that.
I suppose he slipped back into the plantation mode himself for a while.
Spoken like a true leader.

It certainly does suck to be Der Judencracker in the new negro Nazi Amerika.

I said the same to one of my conservative friends last week, she haapens to be black....I told her, “I find it ironic that the ‘first black president’ is re-instituting slavery!” She agreed and said that the blacks she knows that support BO, “just don’t get it.”

West is 10000% correct. Obama views himself as the Massa and we as his slaves.
I hate this ghetto commie creep beyond anything words can accurately describe.

The blacks who support Obama, believe that Obama supports them.
They couldn’t be more wrong. The only thing Obama supports is Obama. Obama is the center of his own Universe. He would sell his mother for his rise. In fact he already did in his book, and for a bargain price, he hated her anyway.Can’t say as I blame him, she wasn’t much of a mother. Just White Trash.

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