Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dreams From My Real Father

"In Dreams from My Real Father, Barack Obama is portrayed by a voiceover actor who chronicles Barack Obama's life journey in socialism, from birth through his election to the Presidency. The film begins by presenting the case that Barack Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party USA propagandist who likely shaped Obama's world view during his formative years. Barack Obama sold himself to America as the multi-cultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. Was the goat herding Kenyan father only a fairy tale to obscure a Marxist agenda, irreconcilable with American values?"

So 0bama is a bastard is EVERY sense of the word. No surprise to me


"It all seems rather unlikely that Davis would be Obama’s father as Stanley Anne would not have gone to Kenya to give birth if Davis were the Baby Daddy."

Who says Stanley Anne is the mother?


In late 1971, BHO Sr. returned to Hawaii to contest the loss of his parental rights when the Soetoro adoption was finalized. To preserve the Soetoro adoption, Stanley Ann testified BHO Sr. was not the biological father and she perjured herself in 1961 when signed a sworn statement with the Hawaii DOH to create the original long form birth certificate.

After hearing testimony and examining evidence, a Hawaii Judge ruled BHO Sr. was the biological father and the Soetoro adoption was annulled. We know this because the original long form birth certificate has remained sealed and archived since the Soetoro adoption was finalized.

A sealed and archived vital record is void and of no legal value. The only legal document available for use to establish fraternity is the short form COLB with a “date filed.” A COLB was filed after a Judge ordered it created and filed. The original long form BC was accepted after Stanley Ann, the hospital administrator and the delivery doctor signed sworn statements attesting to the live birth event.

Hawaii, and a few other states, allow adult adoptees to obtain copies of the original long form BC after they have been archived for genealogy purposes only. A sealed BC has no legal value and is void.


Please do a similar comparison between the BHOs, both Sr. and Jr. and a side-by-side with Malcolm X. There are some folks who think Zero resembles X more than Davis


"Everyone that has the slightest inkling of the evidence available which proves she is the mother. "
And what proof is that? The fake birth certificate, or the other fake birth certificate, or the other fake birth certificate.
Or, photos of Stanley Anne PREGNANT. Or anyone who saw Stanley Anne pregnant.
Let's say she was pregnant. Maybe she got an abortion, and then adopted (not legally, but then what is legal in Indonesia?) little Barry.
I could agree that Stanley was his biological mother, but I have never seen a bit of proof.
Heck, she got rid of him as soon as she could.

SO.... show me some proof, so I can be as 'knowledgeable' as everyone that has an inkling.


"I regard the notion that Stanley Ann went to Kenya as very far-fetched. Barack Obama Sr. had to work picking pinapples in 1961 just to pay for his own room and board. The notion that he had the money to burn to fly two people to Kenya and back is just ridiculous to me. "
Stanley Armour Dunham and Madelyn Payne were intelligence agents with access to multiple bank accounts. They would have financed the trip to Canada and/or Kenya.

"Not only that, but they were secret descendants of the Rockefellers and the Bilderbergs."

Cite, please?  
Also please cite your notion that there is even a family called "the Bilderbergs."

"My point was to give you a gentle nudge in the direction of realizing that you are staking out a claim in nut territory. Unless the evidence is overwhelming and concrete, it serves no useful purpose to postulate secret cabals at the heart of this issue, including connections to the CIA"
--- Oh snap. I fell for that. Poe's Law indeed. "The Bilderbergs" might be the funniest (intentional) thing I've ever seen from a Freeper


"If Obama's mother was only give FREE birth control (I dunno, about $3,000 worth of condoms each year) this never would have happened. "
Too funny!
Being a Seasoned Citizen who was around back then, there are many names we attributed to "loose" women (though we young men sought them, few though they were, lol) and in addition to "tramp," "whore," "skank," etc., the one which Rush referred to Sandra Fluke as, "slut" was first and foremost, the moniker of choice....not that I would ever suggest Barry's Mom was one as well.
Perish the thought!


I’m thinking Grandpa Dunham knocked up some black hooker or maybe even Davis’ wife and then said it was Stanley Ann’s kid. I’ve always been curious as to why Madelyn didn’t want to be buried next to her husband


"DNA would tell. Although Davis is dead, he has a living son. Barack Obama Sr. also has sons who are still alive. A determined investigator should be able to figure this out."

Oh, yeah, go to Africa and tell some of those guys you want some cells from the inside of their mouths so you can test DNA ~ right~!!!!
Good luck ~ they burn witches at the stake around there.


she was a ....sixteen year old girl.

Davis had written about his sexual preferences conerning young’uns. If memory serves me correctly he even names one girl...”Ann”

You want the hair on the back of your neck to stand up?

Look up a poem Obama wrote when he was young, titled “Pops”


We in the present owe it to the historical record to find truth while it is possible.


More likely scenario:
Teenaged Ann was seduced and gotten pregnant by Frank Marshal Davis, Grandpa Dunham's good friend (and probable Communist Party cell leader).
Davis is married, and therefore cannot marry Ann (besides being much older).
Grandpa Dunham refuses to allow Davis to get into trouble over this, and convinces Ann to quickly marry Obama Sr, one of the few blacks on the island. Obama agrees because this way he gets citizenship eventually. Madelyn is upset but goes along.
This is why Grandpa brings Barry along so often to meet Davis -- because Davis wants to see his biological son.
When Barry is older, Davis pulls strings of his old black radical friends to help Barry get into Harvard, and then set up in Chicago with the help of radicals like Ayers and Jarrett.


I agree Obama is a dead ringer of Malcolm-X..... Not Frank M Davis!!

Those who have been paying attention may have noticed that Obama’s older daughter is the spitting image of one of the daughters of Malcolm “X.” Of course, Obama himself resembles “X” far more than he resembles Obama, Sr. or Frank Marshall Davis. Obama also shares some facial resemblance to his maternal grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham. Obama, Sr. had a deep voice like James Earl Jones, but junior (Obama) has no such voice. Compare videos of “X” speaking and Obama speaking and try to argue there are no similarities.

Obama also often voices the “sssss” sound much like “X” did. (Listen to Obama say “Congresssss” in his “pass this jobs bill now!” speech to a Joint Session of Congress. It can clearly be heard in his very first words: “Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congresssss…” “X” had that same speech impediment.2

Many readers may also recall Obama’s victory speech at Chicago’s Grant Park on election night.

Obama wore a black suit with a red tie. His youngest daughter, Natasha, wore a black dress; older daughter Malia wore a red dress; and

Michelle Obama wore an arguably unattractive red and black dress that appeared to represent a large “X.”

The stark colors and the “X” suggest that the outfits are meant to honor Malcolm X.
Red is the traditional color of socialism, and is associated with social democrat and socialist political parties; black is the traditional color of anarchism, and black power


Show me anything YOU have that makes Stanley Ann Dunham the mother. The first we see of them together is when the boy was about two years old. You don’t know where he came from so you can’t know who his parents were or where and when he was born.


At this point, maybe 0bama doesn’t know who his mumzies or dadzies were or ARE.
It must be all the coke.


The wierd pouch under the lip ... That has had me baffled for the longest time because it didn’t come fromn O Sr or his mother. Davis has it, and it’s very distinctive. The purple area Obamas lower lip is smaller, but that big ol chunk of skin looks Davis to me.




  1. Jeez, these cons are crazy. Miss you on Fark :)

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