Tuesday, July 31, 2012

President Obama related to country’s first enslaved man

"Punch tried to escape indentured servitude in colonial Virginia in 1640 and was punished by becoming enslaved for life."
Looks like Obama is a decendant of the first dead beat! ;-)


Interesting, his slave blood comes from his white mother and his slave dealer blood from his black father’s Arab side.


“Punch tried to escape indentured servitude”

He agreed to work to pay off the cost of him coming here. He tried to run and get out so it makes him a liar. That is how he is tied to the current generation I guess.

He is also not the “first enslaved man” - that goes centuries before him but, he is not the last, slavery is alive and well in Africa, Asia and Middle-East.


I submit that this story's 'engine' started up when it was stated a few weeks ago that Obama wasn't a true black because his mother was white.

How better to redefine the narrative by making the white trollop a black slave descendant??

Man, these libs are really sweating some Kool-Aid puddles . . .
Slavery is when someone else receives 100% of the fruits of your labor. Total freedom is when you receive 100% of the fruits of your labor. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness is when you get to keep, say, approximately, 70% of the fruits of your labor (the value of which is up for discussion), 30% used to allow you to keep the other 70% in relative safety.
Federal cut: 25%+
State cut: 5.1% (MA; others vary)
Local cut: ~5% (may be tied to real estate, etc)
SS: 12% (6.25% you, 6.25% employer)
HI: 1.5%
Sales: ? 2% (hard to say, but trying to estimate as % of gross pay)
Oh wow, we're all the way up to 50%!
What were we saying about slavery????


Not only did ol' Stanley Anne get around, apparently so did her forebears. What a family.


We work 1/3rd of the year for our Massa govment.

It is little known and not oft remembered that blacks were not always slaves in America. It started right then, with Mr. Punch. Then, bit by bit, it expanded from indentured servitude to the forcible kidnapping and export of human beings. And we all know who the slave catchers were, don’t we. Brock’s people from the OTHER side of the family.


Stay focused folks...this silly BS is propaganda designed to make you forget the Obama Take Down of America. He is Socialist/Communist desperately trying to complete his promised ‘fundamental change’ of this Free and Capitalist Nation into a dissipated and hopeless nation once the shinning light to the world. Obama’s hate for capitalism and successful people apparently knows no bounds. How many of you would knowingly elect again a Marxist/Socialist as POTUS?


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