Friday, July 6, 2012

Conservative Wonderboy Grows Up, Embraces Obamacare and Philosophy

Summary: Jonathan Krohn, a kid who at 12 was already a conservative mouthpiece in 2009, has become a left-leaning libertarian/independent. 

the kid is probably gay and has been indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle and has been convinced his perversion is normal 


I think he was, at first, a major target for the left. He was dangerous for them, so they put in a lot of effort into distorting his reality in school. 

THEN, while doing so, some liberal homo trapped him in a back room somewhere.

I'll bet his parents are horrified. I also think they know what's happened to their boy, but the money is just too good to pass up, so they won't say anything about it. 


It happens in the best of families. Parents must have prayed for patience at some time. Zeitgeist is a mother on the weak minded.


The lefties kept after him for half a decade. I wonder what vile mind games they played on this poor kid before he broke like POW in a Korean prison camp.


I had an exchange with him on twitter yesterday after I commented on a Page Six story with the headline something like: Conservative Kid now swings Left to which I replied, “Conservative kid swings toward where the camera is.” The kid Jonathan swoops in and tells me I am wrong. Then I speculated he must be an attention whore because what kid ends up at the CPAC convention. He denied this emphatically so I did a simple search that produced a 2009 NY Times article that described Jonathan as a “child actor” and his mother as a former actress who now teaches acting.” After confronting Jonathan with these facts he continued to deny that he was just a guy who loves the spotlight.


LOL, so this kid “discovered” he’s a faggot?


I have a daughter and when she began dating the boy she is soon to marry, our first question was: Is he a conservative?..... and of course he is or she wouldn't have gone out a second time. His parents are conservatives too! We are very pleased.


I strongly suspect the number of people who change from liberal/progressive ideas to a Conservative belief system dwarfs the alternative. I know many that have made the switch over the years and very few (if any personally) that suddenly woke up one day with stupid lefty thoughts.

I hardly think a pre-teen/teen is really well grounded in political ideas and is subject to what is popular with his peers at the moment.


It was a mistake to make this youth a poster child and give him a platform before he had a chance to demonstrate his alleged conservatives beliefs as an adult in the real world.


“He’s gay.”

Very possibly, but that overlooks how this generation looks at “gay rights.” To them it’s the equivalent of civil rights for blacks in the 60’s. I’ve seen 2 of my own kids switch from conservative to liberal over ‘gay rights,’ because some of their friends are gay. You see, in their estimation, public policy should be based on anecdotal evidence and how people feel about it.

"Did your kids learn about what the blacks went through in the south during the civil rights? I have friends since collage and we part ways over gay marriage.

I talk politics with my kids all the time and take them to church too. I point out liberal hypocrisies and the vile acts they commit against conservatives who speak out on their beliefs. If your kids are liberal, they may be only getting one side of a situation."

My kids’ dad actually worked with the civil rights movement in the Mississippi Delta in the 60s, so they are fully aware of what that part was all about. They grew up as Rush Babies, were taken to conservative and Republican functions throughout their childhood. They have a very good grounding in the principles this country was founded on.

We can just hope that the foundation they were given will come into play as they mature. THO ... sometimes as I peruse threads here, I don’t want to identify with some who call themselves ‘conservatives,’ either. Vile people on both ends of the political spectrum.


  1. ...and now he's gay? Somehow?

    I hate these people.

    1. Of course he's gay. Since they view homosexuals as less than human, they're going to dehumanize this guy as much as they can and with particular fervor since he's a "traitor".