Monday, July 23, 2012

For first lady, Olympic trip is 'dream come true'

Summary: Michelle Obama is excited to go to the London Olympics and represent America. She is also sad over the tragedy in Aurora, CO, and says that in the wake of the shooting, America has come together as a family.

Another 5 star vacation for MooseChelle and the girls.
I’m sure given Baraq’s worsening re-election prospects they’ll milk it hard the next 6 months.


Americans ARE ALREADY one family, contrary to this two-bit grifting wookie. We don't need her Kenyan-born, pencil-necked illegal alien husband to tell us that we're one. She's pathetic.
And off she goes again, on the tax payers' dimes, on a poorly deserved expensive and totally unnecessary trip.


Those 4 are on the Gravy Train for the rest of their natural lives.


What will she be stuffing her pie-hole with while she tells the rest of America to eat rabbit food?

Will it be lobster or BBQ ribs again?


Yeah, I can just hear the conversations from 1600:

Barry, I am going to the Olympics, call one of your generals and get a plane or two up here asap

Yes Dear, but I cannot go on AF1 as I have to continue to run for office...however; I will fly over on AF1 to show my face when necessary.

Well, Barry, that is your problem, just keep the goodies coming.


What else is new? The universe’s #1 Welfare Queen showing everyone what a lifetime of living off ‘the system’ and hating whitey can do for ya.

By the way Peaches, try not to embarrass us again like you did last time you were there. news/ weird-news/ navy-warship-ordered-to-stop-pointing-85513

And don’t forget to pack your $50,000 worth of lingerie for yo honey. michelle-obama-drops-50k-luxury-lingerie-150007836.html


I wonder if she will be allowed past Olympic security wearing her Klingon Ammo Belts.


My deepest sympathies to our friends across the pond.

Wonder if the First Homegirl and her entourage will stiff the purveyors as they usually do. Only the little people have to pay for things, you know.


If I could ask MO one thing, it would be this:

Does it bother you - even one little bit - to spend so lavishly from the taxpayer well of a Country you were never proud to be a member of until your husband got elected?

Actually, I’m more upset that the President isn’t going to support his country’s athletes. Maybe he’s still not proud of his country and still thinks the U.S. is no better than any other country. He didn’t go to Vancouver two years ago either.

I remember President Bush attending the first U.S. men’s basketball game in Beijing in person. He brought his dad—and 41 got to see the first U.S. sweep of the games in women’s fencing.



  1. But don't dare call them racist…

  2. Your the racist for pointing out racism! Grow a brain, morans! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!