Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soros Promotes UN Control Over Gun Ownership

Hillary Clinton and the State Department are pushing this unconstitutional foray into our Sovereignty...she would not do this if Obama didn't wish it.


"Cool, much better to shoot a foreigner when they try to take my gun."

The question is, why has nobody taken out Soros yet? This NAZI is well beyond his expiration date.

One possible problem is, no one knows where the hell he resides or what his schedule is. Ready on the left...Ready on the center...Ready on the right...Ready on the firing line...Firers place your selector levers on...The Zippy regime media is very secretive about Soros and Code Pink, and Media Matters."

Claiming that the UN Arms Treaty is anything else but an assault on US gun rights is the boldest leftwing lie since "peaceful coexistence"


 I am trying to post this everywhere I see gun grab put if, IF you are truly serious about wanting to keep your guns, WITHOUT having to kill someone to do so, (someone can be neighbor, friends, even family) ... you ...best get off your butts and call as many of these people you can starting Monday Morning tell them "not just NO, BUT HELL NO on that treaty with UN!!!!" .... remind them it is TREASON to turn over Sovereignty http://conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

There is absolutely NO WAY the American congress would go along with such a stupid UN ruling. Such action would abrogate our constitution and would cause armed revolution and congress knows it!

"Taking out Soros could give the totalitarians a poster child and a PR gain.

“Philanthropist murdered by raging right-wing terrorists” (headline example)

Alternatively, no one would ever even know there had been an attempt. If an attempt was successful, it could be reported as death by natural causes. Anyone attempting this would end up dead, with any reportage not at all linked to Soros.

Soros has children in charge of his operation. They, in turn have their children, nieces, nephews,cousins and trusted cronies in charge of various aspects of the programs. The money from Soros, Peter B. Lewis, other statists has funded so many organizations and infiltrated so many other institutions, including the Christian churches, that it will all continue w/o Soros, himself. Code Pink and Media Matters could both be replaced within just a few weeks. The statists are a distributed program. The money would continue to flow.
Soros gives many speeches. He appears on TV all over the world, avoiding those places where he is wanted for financial crimes. Every once in a while, pics surface of him with his 20-something girlfriends at the beach, on one of his yachts, at exclusive restaurants, or at glitterati parties. One can only imagine the security.
For everyone who asks the question: why haven’t any of you taken out Soros? You will answer your own question."

Soros a philanthropist????  
Don't think anybody would consider him that. At least nobody in their right mind (which, I suppose, means that liberals might see things that way in their twisted world).
He's nothing but a criminal, leader of the latest rendition of the Mafia. He goes, they replace him. But they don't have an infinite number of replacements.


To Mr. Soros: George, it is very difficult to maintain a 300m perimeter 24/7/365. Even with your security.  
Just say'n...




  1. I like how freepers just ignore that Soros is a fervent anti-communist, pro-capitalist.

  2. And that this particular UN treaty has nothing to do with internal US law. It is only a treaty on the unregulated international trade in small arms. Unless there is some new UN thing I haven't heard about yet.