Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Advice from the Better Business Bureau about the 2010 Census"

This is a bit older.

Summary: The BBB warns about con artists disguising themselves as Census workers.

None of this is required by the consitution. The government already has this information. My house is listed at the county clerk, IRS has my name and the name of the taxpayers in my home. My children are listed with the school district. I have no intention of answering any of it.


Thanks for the information.

I don’t plan on participating anyway. As far as I’m concerned, the census IS a con job.


I always put down Native American... since I was born here.


Without brandishing or threatening in any way, in jurisdictions where private possession of firearms is allowed on one’s property, can one answer the door and talk with census workers or others with a firearm in plain sight - once again, without brandishing or threatening in any manner?

Might keep shenanigans to a minimum, it seems to me.


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  1. I just saw an ad for Tea Party Patriots on your main page. Even Google can't make a perfect ad serving system, I guess.