Saturday, June 25, 2011

Part 1: "New York Gay Marriage Bill Needs Only One More GOP Nod For It To Pass"

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Article from LA Times

Here’s what I never understand.

We’re told that homosexual marriage and “gay” issues in general are the civil rights battle of our time.

If this is the civil rights battle of our time, why are so few mainstream politicians on board supporting homosexual marriage?

In the civil rights movement of the ‘50s and ‘60s, many mainstream politicians, including many Republicans (which surprises liberals today, but facts are stubborn things), supported the civil rights movement, and Congress passed major civil rights laws.

But today, this liberal president is afraid to say he supports same-sex marriage.

During the civil rights movement, while there was stiff opposition, esp. among southern Democrats, many mainstream politicians were openly in support of the movement. But today’s movement for homosexual marriage does not have such support. In fact, given the silence, I’m sure many politicos wish the issue would go away.

While a liberal state such as New York may pass a law on homosexual marriage, where’s the leadership among liberals in Washington on this issue? Why are they afraid to proclaim their support, if this is the civil rights battle of this generation, and liberals tell us we want to be on the right side of history and all that???????

--- Facts sure are stubborn things.


Any homosexual marriage bill — even with so-called religious protections — will be a disaster!

If the bill passes, the homosexual agenda will grow like cancer. Liberal bureaucrats, lawyers and judges will chip away at the faith protections. Churches will be threatened with lawsuits and cave in at the slightest opportunity.

We can only hope and pray that it fails. God willing.


The fix is in. If they wanted to kill it they wouldn’t have brought it to the floor. The filthy stinking sodomites have bought off enough senators to get this to pass. Now the sodomites and their allies in the media will crow and dance with their perversion in your face and use the deviants in New Yawk to force the immorality in other states. America is dead.


We’re told that gays are only 2 to 4 % of the population. How many of that small percentage want to get married?

I’m not in favor of the bill, but I can’t believe it will have that much of an impact on society in general.


"...but yet the majority of Black people voted AGAINST same-sex “marriage” in CA."

Yeah, well these very same Black people consistently vote for politicians who let this happen. They share in the blame as far as I am concerned.


Homosexuals and those who support their lifestyle want to bring America down. The GOP is no better than dems. NY deserves what it already has and will get in the future.

--- Nevar forget?


This is all predicted in the Bible. We’re one day closer to Paradise!