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Reconciling Ayn Rand with the Gospel

Requested by Anon

Article from American Thinker

Summary: It's fine that Ayn Rand was an atheist because Pope John Paul II probably dug her stuff.

"I know that many Christians read Rand and want to stand up and cheer, but at the same time are racked with guilt because of her atheism and decidedly anti-church professions."

Anti-church? Hardly. Anti-organized, dogmatic institutions, regardless of origin? Absolutely.


I don't know that much about Ayn Rand. Did she proclaim herself an atheist or was she branded an atheist like Thomas Paine?
I know Paine believed in God but didn't believe that Jesus was the literal Son of God or God in the flesh.

It sounds like Rand may be in that category. But I don't know.


Everything great in Western Civilization -- the Rights of Man, modern science, free markets -- all stem from the Christian religion.
That's why the leftists hate it so much.

(Of course, a lot stems from Islam too: pedophilia, rape, murder, subjugation of women, jihad, boys humping boys... got to give credit where credit is due.)


Ayn Rand’s philosophy is interesting but evil. Either God is on the throne of your heart or you are. If you are, then you are serving the Devil himself. Enjoy the ride.


I love how she flees an atheistic nation to a Christian nation and realizes how good it is but says, “Too bad its not atheistic enough.”

This is a typical liberal problem: after they completely ruin a state with liberalism, they move to a conservative state and think, “Hmm, its so nice here, but it needs to be more liberal!”


It is interesting that this article if featured at this time of year when Christians commemorate the resurrection. Ayn Rand the objectivist yet she rejects the most objective religious fact, the resurrection. The resurrection actually happened.

Rand was right on her stand against collectivism, I’ll give her that, but as a Christian conservative when you leave out the “Christian” part you can count me out. No wonder she is such a darling of the Libertarians. Rand is an atheist, that’s all I need to know. Her so called objectivism is just so much blah, blah.


>> “ To argue that the work of atheists be dismissed is to argue for the dismissal of a large percentage of the advances and breakthroughs in mathematics, physics, and biomedical science that have been achieved over the last several centuries.” <<

Sorry, but that is false.

Until the age of government financing of “research” few atheists produced anything at all.


Payne sure sounds like an atheist.

"The bottom line is that Paine did believe in God, just not the God of The Bible.
There is no other."

There is no other.


[argument between two Freepers:]
1: "Apparently you believe one should love his neighbor more than himself. Any liberal would agree with that. Thanks to people like you we have a collectivist society."

2: "Everyone already loves himself. When there’s a fire in a building, who stays in to fry?

Jesus is obviously saying - “You already love and take care of yourselves. So, now you should care about others the way you already care about yourselves.”

But his first commandment is to love God. The second part, which is based upon the first, is to also care about others.

This is not sectarian, but univerally applicable.

And your accusation that caring about others is collectivism is insanely laughable. You will not find less of a collectivist than myself."

1: "Your simplistic interpretation misses the point.

God loves himself first of all yet shows mercy to insolent humans.

Besides, aren’t you the Hindu who promotes wanting the government to dictate to people what they can or cannot do in their private lives"

2: "God’s position and conciousness cannot be imitate by human beings.

Moral absolutes are essentially the same in every religion, that is why they are absolutes.

Private life activities like abortion? Porn? Rest stop sodomy?

Libertarianism is the kook anarchy ultra fringe element of the left."

1: "I'm not familiar with all the terminology or intricacies of your pagan religion but isn't it basically pantheistic? ya know... we all have a spark of divinity or some such? God is in everything... yada yada. What exactly is God's "position" and what is it about his consciousness that cannot be imitated? Moralists of any stripe are all the same. They always contradict themselves claiming they want what's best for their neighbor when in reality they only want to impose their own selfish interests."

2: "Makes no sense. You are basically saying anyone who promites morality is bad; ie - immoral. You sound like a libertarian who wants no holds barred porn, dope, prostitution and homo-agenda everything.

IOW, an immoralitst. People wither promote morality or immorality. Your choice. I make my choice clear. I guess you do too, since you fault me for not supporting dope, porn, prostitution and the homo-agenda."

1: "One of my absolute morals is that anyone who worships a false god deserves death.

Should I have the government enforce that?"

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  1. "Libertarianism is the kook anarchy ultra fringe element of the left."