Friday, June 3, 2011

Herman Cain: "With all due respect, Obama could not run one Godfather's pizza restaurant."

Article here, from newsmax

Cain nails perhaps the core reason Zero "acted" against bin Ladin. This narcissist was being exposed for the complete failure he is at making responsible decisions. Bin Laden wasn't high on his "to do" list, until it became helpful to cover his failures (he then became willing to throw bin Laden under the bus).


Being as Michael Savage has characterized Obama as "a junior college professor on training wheels," I would agree that Barack Obama could not run a pizza joint, even with a teleprompter.


"Herman Cain is completely correct. When Obama was recollecting running a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream parlor he admitted that he gave his friends free inventory. While most people would roll their eyes and say “Big whoop”? The owner of the franchise if he had knowledge of this, must likely would have fired his scrawny ass. He was stealing from his own company."

Oh, no, it was not theft but merely a demonstration of basic Marxist principles. From each (Barry) according to his ability (to give away the company’s ice cream) to each (of his friends) according to his need (for ice cream). He was redistributing the wealth!


I have no doubt about how Bambi would run a pizza joint. It would be like that stunt the white guys did on a college campus, with affirmative action pricing for cookies or something.


(On the criticism that Cain lacks foreign experience)

Which newly elected President could legitimately claim foreign policy experience? Since foreign policy is almost exclusively a determination by the President, very few people have foreign policy experience.
Just looking at the post WWII presidents, let's see what their foreign policy cred is.

Kennedy - two term Senator, Navy Officer - minimal
Johnson - long time Senator from Texas, Majority Leader, three tads above minimal
Nixon - two term VP, long time policy thinker, experienced
Ford - long term member of Congress - two tads above minimal
Carter - Gov of Georgia, Navy Officer - a tad above minimal
Reagan - Gov of California - minimal
George HW Bush - VP under Reagan, CIA Director - experienced (but learned nothing)
Clinton - Gov of Arkansas - minimal
George W Bush - Gov of Texas, son of a President, a tad above minimal
Barry Soetero - bupkus, zero, nada, zilch, nothing

The only even talked about candidate for President with more than minimal foreign polcy experience is John Bolton and he's probably not going to run.

My standare is what are their instincts. And in these days of an anti-American Democrat Party and active ant-American President, I ask myself some of the following. Are they pro-American? Do they believe in and understand American Exceptionalism? Do they have the right instincts? Will they strengthen America?

Cain passes. Palin passes. Santorum passes. Bachman passes. I don't know enough about Pawlenty, Romney or the other RINOs. I suspect they are pro-Amnesty which means three strikes and they're out. They smell like establishment and have RINOitis.


  1. I wonder if Cain santorum passes from Palin to Bachmann.

  2. I would vote for an ant-American president.

  3. This post is funny because American Exceptionalism is what I named a little drink I invented, consisting of a Bud longneck with a shot of Wild Turkey in it. Sort of the trailer park answer to the Loaded Corona.

  4. Andy, that has been a popular nickname for Obama for a while on FR. Started with "Obambi". B

  5. Giving free ice cream to your friends when you're a manager of a Baskin & Robins is a sign of your Marxist principles.

    ... okay.

  6. Someone could write a pretty decent political science graduate thesis on the sheer amount of nicknames generated for this president.

  7. How the F do Cain, Palin, Santorum, and Bachman (sp) "pass" this little litmus test of Foreign Policy Experience?

    The amount of doublethink needed to be a Freeper is astounding.

  8. "Giving free ice cream to your friends when you're a manager of a Baskin & Robins is a sign of your Marxist principles."

    Apparently everyone who's ever worked in food service is a Marxist? Even by Freeper standards that comment is stupid.

  9. Seen on Fark, sung to the tune of "We Didn't Start the Fire":

    William Ayers, whitey hate, Kenyan, 57 states,
    Muslin, atheist, communist plant,
    Liz Warren, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, what a skank!
    Smug jerk puts Dijon on arugula.

    Common in the White House, Michelle calls your kid a louse,
    Libya, gun control, fistbump, Palin rolls.
    Teleprompter, union thugs, we're going Galt cause Atlas Shrugged,
    Hussein, insane, he wants to build a high-speed train!


    We didn't pick Obama
    Well we tried to tell you
    While he tried to sell you
    We didn't pick Obama
    He's such a hack
    We want our country back

    Socialist ObamaCare, hands off my Medicare,
    Tea Party Patriots, rally at the Mall.
    Auto bailouts, shady loans, hyperinflation, haughty tones,
    Cash for Clunkers, Van Jones, Tony Rezco.

    White mom, black dad, don't call me racist, makes me sad,
    Berlin rally, denying God, gave the Queen an iPod.
    Still in Iraq and Afghan, now we're raging Pakistan,
    NATO strikes, no end in sight, but at least he has a Peace Prize!


    Bowed to China, made us pay, gave the Army to the gays,
    Joe Biden, what a joke, now our country's going broke.
    Oil spill, Gulf Coast. His Katrina? Almost!
    Hope and change, awfully strange, looks like Bo has got the mange

    Cap-and-Trade, big charade, Cabinet taxes, unpaid,
    Pro-choice, stem cells, GitMo, hope sells,
    Killed some pirates, lucky shot, killed Osama, thinks he's hot.
    I can't tell you how I feel that he stole credit from the Seals!


    Goldman Sachs, Birthers , wise Latina, Girthers,
    Space shuttle program gone the way of dodo.
    Hillary in charge of State, Just look at her and see the hate!
    Budget crisis, interest rates, sharing beers with Henry Gates.

    NAFTA, issues of trust, threw grandma under the bus,
    Will-I-Am, Monster Sam, quarter billion what a scam!


    Oprah Winfrey, David Chu, on the oil we pwnd you,
    Chicago gang, Arab spring, at 3 AM the phone rang!
    START treaty, ties our hands, wants Israel to give up lands,
    Went abroad, Cairo speech, hates our freedoms, what a leech!

    Jimmy Carter redux, Constitution, state of flux
    McChrystal, Reverend Wright, can't say that if you're white.
    Ledbetter, fair pay, I guess free markets had their day,
    No sign of flag pin, Obama hacked my PSN!

  10. That was Mentat, by the way, who originally posted that.