Monday, June 27, 2011

The Stuuuupidest Bumper Sticker Ever

Link goes to a right wing site (I'll spare you), where the author shows a picture of the bumper sticker he saw: "It Wouldn't Kill You To Learn Spanish"

It wouldn’t kill you to go back to Mexico.

Oh, wait...


I speak enough Spanish to keep them off guard. Once coming out of a 7-11 near where I live(and the Mexican illegals hang out) I had one looking at me kinda funny so I said in German “Guten tag, schissekopf!’’(Good morning sh!thead!’’) Man did he look at me weird!


I speak, read, and write French as they wont allow you to graduate from HS in canadastan without it. I learned Japanese forcefully because my job depends on it. If there ever was a new language I would learn it would be Mandarin, as the Chicoms will be the new enemies of the country.

Spanish? Just like that Beavis and Butthead episode, the only thing I care about is burritos, nachos and of course, kulos’ and tetas.


"It wouldn't kill you to learn Spanish."

aka "The Language of the Kitchen". English today is the Language of the Boardroom.

(While Mandarin will be the language of the Boardroom tomorrow)


The bumper sticker shows the ignorance of liberals!

The 'illegals' normally don't speak 'Spanish'. They speak Mexican and South American dialects that contain some Spanish words. If you spoke to one in 'Spanish' they most likely would not understand you.

I lived in South Texas for several years and had a good friend that spoke fluent Spanish. He couldn't understand them either. I also had a friend who immigrated from Mexico. He admitted that he couldn't speak Spanish.

Liberals are just stupid and don't know it. They shouldn't be in charge and probably shouldn't be allowed to vote.


If I could only have two bumper stickers on my car, one would ‘deportation’ in Spanish, the other the same, in Arabic.


English is the language of Commerce, Diplomacy and Science.

Spanish is the language of Cooking, Cleaning and Landscaping.


I walked past a group of short dark gentlemen at a construction site in my neighborhood last week, a quick “Hola, La Migra”, really gets a reaction.


Puerto Ricans speak it. How tough could it possibly be?


It wouldn't kill us to pay for all their medical care, schooling, and incarcerations, either. But it's not very freaking fair, either, is it?

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