Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Huma Still Supports Anthony, Tries To Salvage Marriage"

Article from ABCnews

Summary: According to friends of the couple, Huma Abedin is upset but wants to help Rep Weiner recover from the sexting scandal.

Huma’s just trying to keep the gravy train on the tracks.

--- Yeah, the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Staff is dependent on her husband's salary.


Some support. Huma took over for Africa with the real love of her life, Hillary Clinton.


Lets see Im not impressed with the woman behind the man crap at all. Stand up lady! Whats wrong with you? My husband would be on the curb so fast his head would spin. That there is the difference between a Dem woman and a Rep. woman. Dem women get there on the mans coattails, Republican women do it themselves!!!


>>> Huma’s just trying to keep the gravy train on the tracks. >>>

You are so right, and this is why liberals marry. They don’t share names, likely don’t share property, rarely in the same country, let alone house — they are nothing more than mergers for show and expediency.

And since they keep separate names, they can often avoid conflicts of interets issues.


Why is no one asking the obvious question:
Why is a devout Muslim from Saudi Arabia
the personal assistant to the Secretary of State
of this country ?


And what gets me about Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Edwards, may she rest in peace, and other Democrat women, is that Democrats are allegedly the party supporting equal rights for women, empowerment of women and all that. You would think that such accomplished professional women would NOT just put up with an errant spouse and let him get away with God knows what, and stay in a bad marriage. Yet that’s exactly what these women do.

When Hillary ran for president, I heard more than one person comment that, if Hillary can’t even deal with her husband, how will she deal with the pressures of the presidency, or words to that effect. Yet she’s allegedly such a strong fearless woman, who will take the 3 a.m. phone call about a crisis and deal with same.


I thought Huma was giving Hitlery a humma’. Isn’t she Hitlery’s favorite squeeze? Didn’t she marry Weenie to give him some sexual credibility.


"Well, I for one, am very grateful that the likelihood of these two pro creating has fallen to almost zero."

Those would be some HOMELY children! Weiner looks like he got stuffed into lockers a lot in high school, and Huma only looks attractive in comparison to him.


My second question is:
Why is a "so-called" Jew
representing a Jewish Congressional District
married to a devout Muslim from Saudi Arabia ??


Another phoney Washington “Power Couple” like Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson.


Is here name "Huma" because she's not fully "Human"?
(That's an example of the jokes we'd hear had this involved a Republican.)


"I have read that she is born in America. One parent is Pakistani, I do not know the nationality of the other parent. She is not from Saudi Arabia."

Please review the following:
Huma Abedin wiki

Huma is an anchor baby.
raised in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.


  1. They do know that Arab Muslims make up 20% of Israel's population, right?

  2. Why do they hate a strong, intelligent woman?

  3. oh, and "That's an example of the jokes we'd hear had this involved a Republican."

    Further proof that conservatives just aren't funny.