Sunday, June 26, 2011

Part 4: "Google Chrome releases 'It Gets Better' video for teens"

Article/video from CBS

How is getting AIDS “better” ?


I’m a “Binger”.


Dan Savage is the last person I’d want representing any group I belonged to. The guy’s a complete prick.

So much so, he’d consider my disdain a badge of “honor”.


I get so tired fo this. It’s going to get to the point that young gays are going to get so “empowered” that they’re going to turn into entitled little monsters.


Sometimes I think 20 years from now it will be legal to murder or at least assault straight white males.


From a book I’m writing...

“The biggest hindrance to critical thought by society at large centers around the way people have been programmed by books, articles, music, TV shows and movies to ‘think’ about homosexuality. The fact is, homosexuality is not two men driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in a new convertible with the top down. It’s not two women sitting at a cafe overlooking the Mediterranean. It’s not some kid with multi-colored hair wearing ‘skinny jeans’ and a black t-shirt texting his ‘boyfriend’ with a look of longing on his face or any of the thousands of images AstroTurfed across the media to show everyone how ‘normal’ it is...”See? They’re just like us! We do those things too!”

How embracing of homosexuality would the public be if those TV commercials went on a little longer to show the literal homosexuality. Think Car Company X would make a lot of sales from the straight world showing Biff and Brad laid out across that big, expensive hood in a 69? Think the ‘Drink-a-lotta Coffie Company’ will see profits soar with images of Ellen fisting Rosie while she’s bent over the balcony rail? Or how about when Color-kid’s ‘boyfriend’ gets that text message saying the AIDS test came back positive?”

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  1. That last one has quite the imagination.