Saturday, June 25, 2011

C-c-c-combo breaker: "Iowa: Governor Palin to Attend Premier of “The Undefeated” in Pella on June 28th"

Summary: Palin's new documentary (ironically titled "The Undefeated") is debuting in Pella, Iowa, with Palin and fam in attendance.

So. This happens Tuesday the 28th, in Pella, one day after Michele Bachmann announces (for the second time) in Waterloo 80 miles away. And people still think Gov. Palin, the GOP VP nominee in 2008, isn’t running?


Beautyful, she still hasn’t announced but this event and the media hysteria which will follow it will make her the most talked about politician in Iowa if she already isn’t.

This is the kind of media exposure that millions are spent to obtain and all the rest of the field will be busting their humps to pick up a dozen votes or so here and there.

If any of them are really smart, they will come to the premier as will thousands from across the midwest.

The Announced will be toting that barge and lifting that bale while Sarah waltzes around them all drawing at least hundreds of times of people. I LOVE it. Her campaign is starting to show signs of brilliance.


Obama will be in Iowa, too, at about the same time. Hmmmm, who will have the bigger (voluntary) turn out?


"I thought she was on jury duty."

She's secretly trying to drive people like you insane. And it's working.


In a time not so very long ago, a man of logic, reason and rationality, upset by the injustice of the mindless and their baseless attacks upon his candidate of choice, did undertake a quest to discover the nature of the PDS’er.

And so did the man travel to the far corners of the Earth, for in his travels he could find no wisdom, nor wise man, to satisfactorily explain the root cause of Palin Derangement Syndrome, nor it’s effect on those so smitten. It was not until a chance encounter with a Zen Master high atop a remote mountain in Tibet that our hero found his answer.

“To discover the nature of the PDS’er,” said the Zen Master, One must understand the logic of why the sky is yellow.”

Confused by the sage words of the old wise man, our hero listened intently as the knowledge of the ages sprung forth from his old and weathered lips...

“To discover the nature of the PDS’er, One must understand the fact that dogs meow and cats bark at passing cars.”

“To discover the nature of the PDS’er, One must understand the reason why the sun shines brightly in the night sky.”

For what seemed like hours the Zen Master spoke thusly until finally our hero looked upon him and said “Master, dogs do not meow, nor cats bark. The sky is not yellow but blue and the sun shines in it by day, not by night. To spout such nonsense is neither logical, nor rational, nor factual. In fact, you’d have to be nuts to believe any of that!”

And so did our hero gain enlightenment into the nature of the PDS’er.

--- Note: PDS = Palin Derangement Syndrome, a term used against those who say Palin can't or won't win the 2012 nomination.


Well, the thing is that Sarah has to be smarter than anybody else with so much dirt and hatred sent to her. But with the help of God, she is.


  1. I hope this flick comes to Manhattan. It'll be the new smash comedy hit. But then Sarah would say "Look at the flippin' box-office in NYC! We can win there!"

  2. 1. Apparently people don't voluntarily go to see Obama. It's all mandatory.

    2. Palin didn't lie about jury duty. She said it to drive people insane. Or...something?

  3. When Palin doesn't run (seriously, she's still a paid employee of Fox even now) will she be diagnosed with PDS?

  4. Hi, my name is Jeff and I have a world view based on rationality and reality, and I have PDS. Luckily for people like me, I take Derpaline three times daily and I can function properly.

    Side effects include spontaneous head explosions due to too high levels of derp