Friday, June 3, 2011

Michelle Obama to visit Africa

Article here from the AP via Yahoo

Summary: The First Lady will be going to several countries in Africa on an official visit, to encourage wellness and education.

I was led to believe by Obots that Africa was a race, not a continent...


Paying homage to the Ubama birth site.


Where she'll continue her efforts to tourize the entire world, along with an immense entourage, on the taxpayer's dime. I can't wait to see what she wears.


Are either one of these anti-American, anti-Western clods going to visit Normandy to commemorate D-Day?????? Huh??????
But Mooch-elle has time for a warrant-less and highly expensive taxpayer funded vacation. What a couple of worthless grifters!


For heavens sake!I wish those two would find a continent or a country they like and just STAY THERE!


Friends of ours moved out of Johannesburg because he wants to keep his family safe..Since the blacks have taken over the whole country is bad for whites..Even blacks that do not agree with the pukes that took over..They will continue to destroy beautiful Africa..Just like the Obama’s have done to this country..
My friends moved to Australia along with other South Africans..

--- What is this, I don't even.


What kind of “Official” visit does a first lady take?

What is her “Official” job?

Has she been appointed by Obama to do some “Official” function?

A first lady has no “Official” standing in our Government. she doesnt get a pay check-—or does she? She wasn’t elected nor was she hired
nor was she appointed as far as we know.


How many vacations do these people take?
People in this country are broke and they take a vacation every other month?


That really is the worst excuse I’ve heard. At least just call it a ‘goodwill tour,’ which is perfectly common, but to couch it as some sort of continuing ‘work’ for some amorphous higher calling regarding African civil engagement is pathetic. It’s a chance to take mom and kids to see Africa, and be treated like royalty, that’s all.


Good maybe that,ugly wide load Wookie, can help them carry Roofing material, back home in Ole Botswana

[picture of women carrying straw on their heads]


  1. Did that one freeper seriously say that the blacks are destroying Africa? What in the holy name of fuck is this stupidity?

  2. AndyP, yes, I do believe that's what they meant.

    Amazing really, its almost as if they don't know the entire history of colonialism in Africa. Mind, South Africa does have a HUGE problem with violence in general, but that was caused by generations of whites suppressing blacks. Brutality begets brutality, big surprise.

  3. They probably have no idea of the history of Colonial Africa. I doubt that most elementary schools in America touch on that history and I'm pretty sure that's as far as most Freepers have made it in school.