Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Healthier school lunches, at what cost?"

Article here from Washington Times

Summary: Healthy lunches for public schools is probably not worth it.

Well if the teachers unions in Wisconsin can mobilize HS students to protest on their behalf, why can't be start a nationwide boycott against school lunches.

What our children eat is none of michelle obama's business - if my ass was that wide, I wouldn't say a word about what someone else is eating.

What they are doing is nothing less than acting like a totalitarian dictatorship in a country that is supposed to be based on FREEDOM.


My work takes me into the local school system frequently, and I'm struck by the amount of time it takes to serve meals to every student. Kitchen and seating capacities force the kids to eat in shifts and wait in lines that stretch out the lunchroom door and halfway down the hallway. As I watch this, I'm wondering "When do the kids find time to learn anything when they spend so much time waiting in line?"

They're learning, though - learning to patiently await a handout from Uncle Sugar...


Why is there NO responsibility any more? Do-gooder crap hurts. Once someone figured out that the kids who had no breakfast did poorly in school, the government started buying them breakfast. Now anyone with a name that MAYBE might be Hispanic in CA is eligible for free breakfasts. And the parents go in with them, help the kid fill their tray, and take half of it home for themselves.

If your kid does badly in school because YOU don’t give him food, how is that our fault? You are eligible for food stamps, so go get them and pack your kid a freaking PB&J.

I mean, the way it is now, why not have a child? YOU don’t have to pay for his care. Bring back shame! If you ever hear the old song by the Supremes, “Love Child,” you realize no longer is it the heartbreaking shame it was in htat day. It SHOULD BE. If you have a child you didn’t mean to have, either family should take full care of it, or you should give it up for adoption.

Don’t have kids you cannot feed. Don’t do ANYTHING that might give you a kid you cannot feed.


HMMM isn’t this interfering in private enterprise by over ruling the parents and thevendors choices? When did the governemnet get that kind of power? OTOH all it will take is a few parents to tell their kids that Obama is the one who took away the Twinkies and we have another generation of Conservatives.LOL


in the coming year, will we the taxpayers will see the hefty mrs O and her chubby daughter Sasha sampling vegetables on every family vacation, instead of being featured shoveling ice cream down their gullets?

Enquiring minds want to know

--- lolol Sasha Obama being described as chubby is probably the most disingenuous thing I've seen on FreeRepublic. Seriously.

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  1. The first lady told me it would be nice to exercise a little bit each day as well as have a salad every once in a while. TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP!!!! I'm not going to listen to you Michelle Ceaușescu! Which is my right to do so in this TOTALITARIAN DICTATORSHIP!!!!