Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"We're All Communists Now"

Summary: The article's from WND, so a summary would be useless. Let's just say the article describes how the activities of the Communist Party in the US, "brazenly openly operating since 1919", have succeeded and we're all commies.

The American public is the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water. The heat has been turned up slowly, not fast. Obama didn’t foist Socialism on us—its been going on for 80 years, including under Republican presidents.


[Communism in the US] started in the mid-1800 to early 1900s when the first government schools were foisted upon Americans. Gone was the father's responsibility to educate his children. Government schools were like any virus. First there is the infection. It takes a while for the actual disease to manifest itself with symptoms.

If generations of children attend schools that socialist-funded, collectivist and voter mob managed, prison-like, filled with watered down and generic Protestantism, and compulsory, the following will happen in one to three generations:

** IRS,
** federal reserve,
** unions,
** feminism,
** League of Nations,
** Wilson,
** usurpation of large tracts of state land for federal parks,
** FDR and the New Deal
** abolishment of the ownership of gold,
** ...etc.

Simply by attending prison-like government schools since the mid-1800, generations of children have become comfortable with:

** socialism
** collectivism
** government compulsion
** prison-like behavior as seen in the airport screening and elsewhere
** voter mob control of their lives, deaths, and even “correct” thinking

It is possible to turn this nation around...BUT...closing down the government schools and getting children into private and conservative schools must be a major part of the plan.


We should have a Constitutional amendment outlawing Communists and Islam.


And don’t criticize Muslims flying airliners with passengers into building with people in them. You aren’t allowed to say anything against them.

Second article: "Public Schools and Libraries: The Failure of Socialism"

Summary: It's a video, so I can't give better context than the title here at work. Sorry!

Homeschooling is much better for children then public schools which by now teach nothing but liberal propaganda.


It’s funny....we functioned well without a national education agenda until the 1970s. We were fifty different state agendas...and pretty much based on what the local district wanted to do or not do. If they didn’t have money...they said so and you had find money via bond programs or just toss out costly requirements. Seems like we did ok for 170-odd years.


Actually this whole mess started with LBJ “Great Society” programs. In 1965, he signed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act of 1965. The US Department of Education building is named after him.


My sister makes $130/hr from multiple libraries all across nassau county in Long Island, NY. She went in looking to make $30/hr, they told her the going rate was $100/hr and over the last 3-4 years gave her raises.

She teaches arts & crafts once or twice a week.

Oh the library also teaches yoga!!! Got to compete with the gym after all.. The gym probably pays their teacher $30 /hr..


American schools brainwash children to accept socialism. Look at the numbers of public schooled kids who voted for N0bama vs homeschooled kids who voted for him. The message is clear.


That's why I'm against taxes and looking at conservative liberty theories. I didn't ask for those schools or libraries so why does the gov. FORCE me to pay for them? Taxes are killing me.
Kids if your parents can't afford private school or don't have the resources or don't want to homeschool then DONT GO. Liberal state education is poison. You can educate yourself by reading the Bible, using the internet and watching the news. Most of what you learn in gov. school won't even help you in real life.

I want to know how many teachers in gov. schools are socialists or have socialist leanings. I would guess 90% do and the 10% who don't won't dare say they don't.


Face it. America’s children think there too educated for their own good these days. People in my extended family have just graduated from college with liberal arts degrees and can’t find a job up to their “standards”, but won’t take a low-end job because they “went to college” and those jobs arent “good enough”. I see that with a lot of other American kids. Even kids who graduate from gov. schools think there too educated to be working their way up by starting at McDonalds. No wonder all our manufacturing jobs are going to illegals and China. College-”educated” Americans won’t do them. Let the responsible Americans homeschool or pay for private schools for their children. The children of the irresponsible will be our next labor force and b/c of that more Americans will be willing to do the jobs illegals and China are taking.


Let businessmen open their own libraries if people need libraries so much but leave MY HARD EARNED MONEY alone.


  1. 1. So, public schools are "brainwashing" children? How is home schooling not considered "brainwashing"? At least public schools provide a broader spectrum of ideas and world events rather than the presumably one-sided Bible/conservative/"patriotic" teachings of home schoolers.

    2. I didn't realize that people won't take factory jobs because "there too educated." I thought it was because corporations decided to outsource manufacturing jobs because it was much cheaper to get Chinese/Vietnamese/etc. Silly me.

    3. I didn't ask for roads or police or firemen either! I've never had to file a police report or call 911 for a fire! Why are my taxes paying for this?!