Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Article from Daily Mail

Summary: The venerable and trustworthy Daily Mail compares youth opinion of Obama from Novemeber 2008 to now and is shocked, shocked to discover that it's gone down.

Going through their minds:
“I voted for 0bama to assuage my white guilt. I thought that this whole ‘race’ thing would be a thing of the past. But 0bama has ramped up race tensions to a whole new level. I got RIPPED OFF!”


"Obama losing the youth vote 'because white students don't think he's cool anymore'"
America's youth may not be too bright - but they know when they've been had.
Our "cool" president is really a mom-jean wearing "Hipster-Doofus".


Obutthead is being deserted by mostly stupid white women and kids. Not enough handouts apparently.


Coolness, or a perceived lack of it, is no reason to vote for or against a candidate. Made that point to my college-age niece & her idiot Obama T-shirt wearin’ friends back in ‘08.

“So you think coolness is a qualification for being president?”

Then I remembered... this is the generation that considers The Dailey Show & The Colbert Report to be “News”. Everything has to be a joke, so why not their candidate?


In an ideal world, the government would get out of the student loan business completely and it would be privatized. Lenders would give a great interest rate to someone majoring in nursing, mechanical engineering or something with good employment prospects. They would have to charge a premium interest rate for someone majoring in ethnic or gender studies or any other of the pseudo sciences.


I troll undercover on a forum where there are a LOT of 20-something folks recently graduated from college and unemployed or drastically underemployed.

Two years ago Baraq was a god.
A year ago it was still Bush’s fault.
Today I’m starting to see some common sense seeping in.

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  1. No, Gato, you are most certainly not "undercover."

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    It's really obvious.

    Also obnoxious.