Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Sarah Palin Reportedly Quits Bus Tour Halfway Through"

This is from before Palin said she had jury duty.

At the price of fuel, I don't blame her.


Something’s up if this is true. Don’t like the sound of it. Was her life threatened?


"after one event in Boston where Palin badly flubbed the story behind Paul Revere's ride.

According to several esteemed history professors, none of whom came out of the Columbia School of Yellow Journalism, turns out Sarah was CORRECT!!!


Maybe the Palin family got tired of being stalked 24/7 by the MSM.


"If she wants to be in the race, it would be good to declare soon, in my opinion."


So you and state-controlled media have more time to attack her?

Waiting is of strategic advantage to her, and strategic disadvantage to her opponents, Democrat or Republican.

So you think that she should give up her strategic advantage to make if "fair" for your candidate-of-choice?

If your candidate-of-choice needs Sarah Palin's help, they're going to lose anyway, then you put your money on the wrong candidate.


Palin nailed the facts as documented in Revere's letter to Dr. Jeremy Belknap. Her delivery was clumsy and unpolished, but she knew more than almost anyone in the mainstream media, catching the essential points that the media never understood. The press, continuing their fact-free policy, has harped on that "error" long after they knew that she had it right and those who only knew Longfellow's poetry were wrong. In contrast, journalists still swoon over the Obama/TOTUS delivery, despite the regularity with which Obama and TOTUS deliver a hateful and error-filled speech, so long as the cadence is smooth.


I guess that the MSM hasn't bothered to find out (again) that it's now fishing season in Bristol Bay, and Todd and the family has to work their lease.


SHE IS RUNNING! Darn..she just cannot declare before July 26. The calm before the storm. A hurricane is coming. Bet on it.


She IS running since 2 years!!! If you don’t see that then you are blind or not interested in Sarah’s life and accomplishments. She is most certainly running since she left her post as Governor. Everything she does has that purpose. She is just waiting for the others to implode - which is happening one after the other - waiting for the salmon season to end - waiting for her trips to Sudan and may be Israel again and then , she will declare. A HURRICANE IS COMING! And I will be riding the wave with Sarah Palin at the whelm.


"Palin nailed the facts as documented in Revere's letter to Dr. Jeremy Belknap."

No, she did not nail the facts. That letter described how Revere told the British that there would be 500 Americans waiting for them as a result of his efforts. He told them this after having been captured, held at gun point and asked for information. He had no initial intention of getting caught and certainly had no intentions to tell the British what our troop strength was, though he was probably feeding them misinformation to give them pause. Basically, he was NOT warning the British. You simply do not warn the enemy in a time of war. If he was doing so, he would have been a traitor, rather than the hero we revere today.


History clearly states what Paul Revere said to the British when he was captured. Ringing bells was part of it. If you want to be a history buff then please bone up before you make any more stupid statements about Paul Revere’s ride and what he told the British.

"So he warned the British by ringing those bells? (Her exact words). Yeah, stick with that. If so, Paul Revere was a traitor, not a patriot."

He didn't say that and neither did Palin. Revere said the bells were being rung to warn the patriots and so did Palin. The bells were mentioned in order to let the British know that the game was up and the colonists were on to them. Take a reading comprehension course and try not to lie so much


Sarah is spending the summer with her children and Todd because she is about to spend four years serving We The People and it will effectively separate her from her family in ways the average person cannot even fathom. Moving into the White House is like nothing else in America. There really is no such thing as privacy in the job Sarah is about to embark upon. She’s not only running when she says she is, she’s preparing her family in advance, because she is every bit the genuinely good person she comes across as. She is this summer putting her family first, because she is preparing to then put OUR nation first in their lives for four grueling, grinding, soul sapping years.

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