Monday, June 13, 2011

Request: Joe McCarthy

This was requested by Jackson Herring. I used a wide variety of posts about McCarthy, including one with the title "Liberal Idiots Slander McCarthy Again" and another with the title "Peter King Compared to McCarthy, As If McCarthy Was Wrong". Just thought you'd want to know.

First off, let me state that I don’t have much knowledge of Sen. McCarthy. It seems to me, however, that he was right. The left coast is still infested with communists, and they infect their kids with it too, on purpose. They are zealots, and government is their religion.


One only needs to skim the action items in the Communist Manifesto, and overlay it on our history for the last 50 years, to see that Joe McCarthy was right.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could finally correct the definition of “McCarthyism” to be “a patriotic concern for one’s country”?


I have to admit I was ignorant too. The funny thing is I never fell for the lie that McCarthy was on a wild witch hunt blaming innocent people. My gut told me McCarthy was a good man being destroyed, now I'm learning the facts that back up what my gut was telling me. So I bought the book "Blacklisted by History", and I'll probably buy several more on the subject.


“And now they’ve apparently taken over the White House, when formerly they were just “advisors” and lower level functionaries.”

Spot on, Lydia. As well as the slow but certain take over of “mainstream” media and public education. And the suppression of individual freedom and responsibility and the promotion of group-think.

But there’s still no shortage of starry-eyed, would-be young communists who say “it just hasn’t been done right yet”.

Tell that to the millions who have died as a direct result of this great social experiment.


the communists targeted american jews especially during the McCarthy era.

In that period Stalin started a holocaust against russian jews. The pretext was that his jewish doctors were out to kill him.

Canny American communists saw the McCarthy hearing as russian style show trials—which were considered to be a pretext to a purge. So they initiated blood libel against american conservatives via McCarthy—accusing them of attempting to do to american jews what Stalin was about to do russian jews.

That was never in the cards. But the blood libel stuck

---Amazingly, this article is from before Sarah Palin accused the left of blood libel.


Funny how american communists stealing atom bomb secrets and giving them to the Soviets gets FORGOTTEN.. and decades of western cold war economic torture happened.. not to speak of FDR literaly GIVEING Stalin the eastern block countrys like he OWNED THEM..

The same communists that were in FDR's administration and were also in Trumans administration..

Wonder how many other military and other technological secrets american democrats(communists) STOLE... and other crimes of sedition and espionage they committed.. Like submarine, missile and satellite technologys..

AND have continued to steal ever SINCE....

NOTE: When is communism(socialism) going to outlawed as a political disease?.. Because it is a pariah everywhere it is tried... Actually they don't try it.. the communists just take over and disallow any other partys to exist. Because communism IS A political disease.. not an ideology/choice..


I’ve always wondered if McCarthy’s drinking was a chicken/egg thing—considering the abuse he suffered for trying to protect America—is it possible that operatives knew his weakness & exploited it, driving him to an early death?


McCarthy brought public a list of 57 known communists working for the state department

And I firmly believe Ann Coulter, who said a few years ago, that NOT ONE person was ever falsly accused. They gave Metzembaum-ish answers like, "How could you accuse me of that?" and "How dare you accuse me of that?", no answers of which would answer the simple question of "Are you now, or have ever been a member of the communist part?"

Can you imagine how many sensitive national secrets have been raided by these anti-Americans in not only D.C. but in our very White House?


[ the Rosenbergs who had stolen the plans to the nuclear bomb.]

AND don't forget to add.. started the long and costly Cold War..
The Soviets saved large amounts of money and resources and TIME.. because of the Rosenbergs "GIFT"..

It has been proven that Stalin financed the American Communist Party.. and more or less "Directed IT".
There were many many american traitors that were NOT exposed and prosecuted..

Some of them trained, the people that trained, many of those in the White House right now..
AND are professors in Americas best colleges.. currently..
Training even more treasonous sons of b!tches NOW..


Of course. But it was more than that. Good ole Ike & co. at the White House sided with the dems against McCarthy and everything he stood for. It’s absolutely amazing what “history” has chosen to forget—Joe McCarthy was more popular than the now-revered Dwight Eisehower!

And another thing that’s been bothering me. “The Kennedys.”
The film mentions that Bobby worked for the “McClellan Committee.” Well, yes, but long after McClennan left, when Joe McCarthy hired him (one of JRM’s few mistakes)! Bobby owed whatever start he had to Joe McCarthy. John beat Henry Cabot Lodge ONLY because Joe McCarthy chose not to campaign for Lodge in the Mass. senate-race. Then, Mr. Profiles-in-Courage himself is too sick to vote for or against Joe’s censure.

I think Joe’s rolled over enough in his grave to be exonerated, but that probably won’t happen until the unions—in particular, the teachers’ unions—are crushed entirely.


Its amazing to me why communism is even legal in the United States..
AND socialism being quasi-legal..

With all the hard evidence that communists have being trying actively to overthrow the United States government..
Not hidden under the covers overthrow but in you're face blatant out in the open attempts..
Then daring you do anything about it.. and bait you to mention it..

The words communist and socialist are rarely mentioned or even alluded at on the floors of congress..
AND ALL Unions are in league with the communist party..

The situation is hyperbolical and hyperbole is order..


The ACLU is a terrorist organization.

Who gives a rat’s butt what they think.


McCarthy was right. Marxism, Maoism, communism, socialism, and homosexuality are bad for the country.


All one needs to know about liberal traitors is documented in “The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America’s Traitors” by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel.

Liberals who flirt with socialism, communism, and marxism are guilty of betraying America. Period.

McCarthy was right.


  1. Thanks for this. I like that they even got in "as if McCarthy was wrong!!" right in the thread title.