Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Anthony and Huma Worlds Apart"

Article here from NY Post

Summary: Huma was abroad a lot of the times that Weiner conducted his e-affairs.

Worlds apart?! Not really. One’s a lesbian, one’s a pervert. Plenty in common.


Is this the same Huma who was (is?, evidently) Hillary’s girlfriend and their relationship is an open secret in Washington? Rumours about these two have been around for years.

No wonder he’s on the prowl. The marriage, as with so much with the Clintons, was a fictional contrivance to provide cover for all parties concerned?


Weiner obviously screwed-up a sweet deal he had with the Clintons — he help Huma and HIllary cover-up their relationship with a sham marriage to Huma. At the same time, she would promote him and help make him mayor of NYC or Governor. All he had to do was be discreet.

If it wasn’t so public, Weiner’s mistakes would have caused him to find himself in a public park somewhere, having shot himself in the head.


She is no victim. She married the jerk knowing full well his background. She deserves all she gets.


well if a guy marries a lesbian he shouldn’t be surprised if the love life is slow

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