Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"The Times Slimes Clarence Thomas"

Article from

Summary: Clarence Thomas is being attacked by the left because he's conservative etc, etc.

Of course they don’t mention Kagen who actually worked on passing that horrible law. She has a conflict of interest orders of magnitude greater than Thomas.


The writer and the Slimes have a lot of nerve saying Justice Thomas is ethically damaged or anyone for that matter.

Kagan is most definitely the justice that should recuse herself, stop lying about her stint as solicitor general and tell Holder to stop withholding info. I know, that ain't gonna happen.


The Slimes maggots are a bunch of racist bass turds when it comes to minorities who wander away from the DNC plantation.


What else would we expect from an east coast left wing rag...


Thomas believes in the constitution, he is an originalist. That by itself is an obvious conflict of interest; he should recuse himself on any issue involving constitutional issues.

He loves America. Another conflict of interest. He loves God. Three strikes you’re out.

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