Monday, June 27, 2011

The school from hell: Teachers fear for lives as students run amok (New York City

Anon requested a post about education.

Article from the New York Post

Summary: This middle school in Harlem is one of the worst performing schools in the country, and there is an ongoing debate about whether it needs to be shut down.

“MS 344, the Academy of Collaborative Education in Harlem”

A little of their home country,set up Here.


Just a wild guess here, but I would guess this school is run by...


Just have the teacher up in front with an armed guard or two with 870s in the back. Take out a few each day and by th eend of the first week things improve, if not, continue the practice...great for student teacher ratios too.


Where are the parents? They are at home teaching their children hate. The children come to school with minds so full of hate they have a hard time learning anything new. It’s not just in Harlem. There are schools in the south where the students no longer even listen to the black teachers. The students say, “Don’t have to! Got Obama now!”


Why do we have to pay for animals to go to school?
When my dog gets dropped for play day at PetSmart, I don’t expect my fellow taxpayers to foot the bill.


The school is probably run by mostly black teachers.

I am always nonplussed about the situation with inner city schools. In that, in most of these schools, there are black teachers, black principals, and black administrators. Many of the cities have black mayors, and mostly black members of school boards overseeing the schools. So by definition, the problems in these schools are not due to racism, because the people running these schools are members of minority groups, just as the students are.

As to why such behavior is tolerated in these schools, God only knows. Except for those rare people, such as Joe Clark, the principal years ago at an inner city school who walked around with a bullhorn, and worked to instill discipline, too many people running these schools are unable/unwilling to instill discipline that the rest of us would take for granted in a school


The villain in the piece sounds like the principal, Rashaunda Shaw, with assists from the NAACP and teachers' union.

I wouldn't hire someone with a name like Rashaunda to work for my company, so I sure as hell wouldn't want my kid going to a school where this mutant is in any position of authority as a teacher or administrator.

Everything I ever needed to know about race relations in America, I learned from Bill Cosby.


"Indeed. In my day the teachers hit back."

Oh yeah. The other eighth-grade teacher in my school (there were only two), Mr. Lytle who was a Vietnam Vet, picked up a kid named Jamie and THREW him against a wall. I don't remember what Jamie had done, but Mr. Lytle seemed to be a pretty reasonable guy so I'm sure it wasn't for nothing.


When heredity and environment are bad, school is a waste of time and money. The frank realization that only custodial care need be given would help; i.e. physically large well trained guards giving lots of physical exercise.


  1. I don't think these people understand the definition of racism. That's the only explanation as to why they continue to defend themselves as non-racists.

    One won't hire someone named Rashaunda, presumably because it's a "black name." I don't see how that immediately reflects qualifications, but whatever.

    The last one takes the cake. They're already poor and black. Intellectual education is a waste on them, so we should be training them to be slaves.

  2. "I wouldn't hire someone with a name like Rashaunda to work for my company"

    Totally not racist though. I bet they have lots of black friends/employees.

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