Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Is Marriage for White People?"

Article here from The Root

Summary: New book suggests black women should marry outside of their race for marital bliss.

Acting “ghetto” has consequences.


” ... that black women should shift the power balance by opening themselves to interracial marriage”

Along the same lines... those that are failing second grade should just enroll in college, that will fix the problem!

The problem is the urban culture. Urbanized black women are about as desirable as a WWE wrestler. They are very aggressive, very opinionated, and loud. They tend to expect a man who can and will “put them in their place”.

Fix the problem, not the symptom.


I have known some black women that I would consider marriage material (or at least dating). Good personality, tall, exotic looks, ambitious and hardworking. Unfortunately, my experience has been that they are VASTLY outnumbered by the black women who seem to have a constant chip on their shoulder, view everything through the lens of race and have a huge entitlement mentality and zero work ethic. I really don't blame black men for looking outside their race. Who want’s to put up with that all their life?


the problem usually comes when they start identifying themselves by their race. i have known and dated some very beautiful women, it never really occurs to me that they’re black- or asian, hispanic, native american, middle eastern, what ever- they’re just a beautiful woman, until they start spouting off about race issues.
when they start displaying the sterotypical charectaristics of their race, that’s when i notice, and when i walk away.


Has there ever been a scientific study that accurately reveals the percentage of black men that prefer to bed and wed white women? Maybe in an issue of 'Politically Incorrect Scientific American'??

I've often asked (silently to myself...) how much of the 'attitude' that spews from so many black women is due to their hatred and jealousy of white women?


Remember “Guess who’s coming to dinner”? A Black man marrying a white women is 1000 times less intimidating to whites as a black women marrying a white man is in the black culture today.

The life expectancy of a white man in Harlem in this scenario is about 30 seconds.

--- More proof that Freepers are permenantly stuck in 1985.


  1. I... I love aggressive, loud, opinionated women.

  2. Love that he interprets their loud, aggressive opinions as a sign that they want him to "put them in their place".

    Also, from what I've seen in Tea Party videos, urban black women do not have a monopoly on loud, aggressive, opinionats.

  3. How about the guy who walks away from women when "they start displaying the sterotypical (sic) charectaristics (sic) of their race"? I mean, he's not saying they're not acting white, he's just saying they're not acting NORMAL, you know?

    (Sarcasm intended.)

  4. But don't you DARE call them racist.

  5. I have yet to meet these loud, opinionated black women. I keep hearing about them, but I have yet to see one. Maybe it's just me.