Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Minority babies set to become majority in 2010"

Requested by Jess.

This article is from last March.

If I was a liberal, I’d say that planned parenthood isn’t doing it’s job.

But I’m not a liberal. So I won’t say that.


Deport now, deport quickly, and deport efficiently. The new Hispanics WILL NOT ASSIMILATE!

I should say Illegal Hispanics. Legal immigrants are required to assimilate or get out of the country.


Blah, blah, blah. Minorities are, by definition, less than 50% of the population. If they become the majority, then they are no longer minorities.
At one time, Italian and Irish immigrants were treated as a separate race. When the race hustlers could reap no further advantage from doing so, they suddenly became "white."

--- Yes, the Irish and Italians were purposely prolonging their status as non-whites because it was beneficial to them.


"blah blah blah"

....can you give me one majority white enclave with crime and corruption rivaling that of latinos and blacks

and while you are at it please give me one where aside from old Cubans that they vote anything but Democrat to speak of..

if you think this matters none then you ain’t paying attention...this country will become just another leftist dependent western culture is evil junkjoint the day what we call minorities assume majority political power on their own without the help of guilty whites

it’s what’s left of the white vote in the midwest, south and mountain states keeping the finger in the dyke

you sound like bayourod or sinkspur hoss

you like Brasil, that is our future...hope you’ll be happy


I see it every day now in certain areas where 10 years ago it would have been a strange sight. Pregnant woman, middle of the day so no job, pushing a stroller and walking two other kids along a busy highway. And no habla Englese.


Whites voted 55% nationwide against Obama.
Every minority except old Cubans and Vietnamese voted for him.

West Virginia voted against Obama.

Historically 55% of the white vote would have insured a GOP victory but due to the increasing proportion of non whites here it now takes 57-58%.

I know this fact may trouble some minority freepers here but there is no escaping it..

Not even taking into account cultural issues, just the voting power issue...if this nation becomes minority white then it is lost as we know it.

If that is what you want. For traditional constitutional America to be lost forever because weak whites in collusion with most minorities have handed us Obama’s socialist utopia then maybe you are at the wrong place.

I think you mean well and I realize it may be hard for you but it is complete naivete and willful ignorance of the established fact of how minorities vote and govern themselves as a rule to think that if they are the majority that nothing will change or they will miraculously become conservative overnight.

It will be a fait accompli.

We went through all this during the amnesty wars here a few years back. It seems like some here still stick to the fantasy view.


This is one of the tactics that muslims employ in order to dominate their host country, demographic terrorism.


  1. The new Hispanics WILL NOT ASSIMILATE!

    I should say Illegal Hispanics. Legal immigrants are required to assimilate or get out of the country.


  2. "middle of the day so no job"

    There is only one shift apparently.

  3. I can't wait to look into their views on white women who have young, young children working! I'll bet that they'll call them feminist heroes, right?

  4. Obviously, unless they are pushy and opinionated (aka not acting white)

  5. Do Freepers actually not know that, in Brazil, they speak Portuguese?

  6. I had a feeling there would be quality derp on this subject. Thanks for wading through the sewage!