Monday, June 20, 2011

"Michelle Obama visits S.Africa with family"

You all know my weakness for a good Michelle Obama post, so you're getting two today.

"The White House has emphasised the importance to the first family of South Africa's anti-apartheid movement, which President Obama has called his first political cause. "

And that would be, let's see, Communism, fascism, bribery, murder, theft, rape, civil chaos, and (on the horizon) bankruptcy and anarchy.


And the Secretary of State had to leave Africa last week because of a volcano that made it too risky to stay. Very strange.

Obama: Hillary, I need you to come home. It’s too dangerous..hold on...No Michelle, it’s fine. It’s perfectly safe for you.....Anyway Hillary I can’t afford to lose you...hold on...Michelle, it’s just one volcano. There’s nothing to worry about.....Hillary, the risk is too great. Just come home.....OK Michelle, bye. Send a postcard.


I think in the back of the minds of 0dumbo and manchelle they know he is one and done
so they are out to rape the taxpayer as much as they can

OR they intend to spend as much as they can no matter what with no regard for reality or what Americans are going through

What POS

--- I always find calling something that isn't rape "rape" incredibly tasteless, but in the context of discussing South Africa? Holy crap.


wonder if she’ll swing past the Obama Family Hut on the way home?


I think these people think they deserve something based on their ethnicity. The Obama’s don’t understand the nature of the United States, much less human’ disire for liberty and never will, the collective got him elected.


wonder what the fashionistas are going to say about her trendsetting styles in Afrika as she goes native, no doubt.

And on yet another expensive vacation to her 0bama’s native sweet/S if they love Afrika so much I wish they would just go live there in some village or hole. I can’t stand this group of grifters.

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  1. "And the Secretary of State had to leave Africa last week because of a volcano that made it too risky to stay. Very strange."

    I'm pretty sure that most of the Freepers think that Africa is a "country", but seriously..

    Just using Google Maps, it is 3,387 miles from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Johannesburg, South Africa.

    The distance is further than it is from my hometown in Southern CA to NY, NY (2,764 miles).