Friday, June 3, 2011

"Obama camp knows he has a problem with Jewish Voters"

Article here from American Thinker.

Summary: And I quote, "President Obama's gut-level identification with the Palestinians has become obvious to voters, including many habitual Democrat supporters in the Jewish community."

"He’s still going to get 75% of the Jewish vote..."

Consistent with how large swaths of the Hebrew people would bail out on God’s call, over and over. This is hardly new news.


"Obama's gut-level identification with the Palestinians has become obvious to voters"

Took 'em long enough. Hussein's sympathies should've been very clear to the electorate long before Nov. '08. All the info was out there. But even when they DID hear the facts they probably just chalked it up to "Fox News and conservative talk radio hateful propaganda." ....even though none of them actually watch or listen to such media.


being a Dummycrap and a Joo is as synonymous as turd and Obama.

American jews hate Israel. Plain and simple. I deal with jews all the time here in L.A. and they are proud Democraps.


You might be surprised. They bough Soetoro’s BS in 2008, but since then its become obvious that there has never been a US president so hostile to Israel. Many Jews, even the liberal ones, have a deep attachment to their homeland, which is now being seriously threatened not just by the Arabs (they’re used to that), but also by the Kenyan-born Muslim in the White House.

Hopefully the liberal Jews wake up and smell the coffee. A Jewish vote for Obama is like a Jewish vote for Hitler in the 1933 election.


More like 90 percent of the Jewish vote will ultimately go to Obama. This is a group that defies belief, on this and other central issues - like firearm ownership. I think the term is “cognitive dissonance.” How on earth could any Jewish person believe that only government should have guns? Their grandparents learned the harshest possible lesson about what happens when regular citizens are disarmed, but they seem incapable of grasping the obvious - much as they are/will be in regard to Obama.


For a lot of American Jews, I think Liberalism tops support for Israel any day.


The rise of anti-semitism on the left has been obvious for the last 20 years. It's become so accepted on the left that it's a mainstream position (Dick Morris quit working for the Clintons and the left over anti-semitic remarks made by Hillary, and that was in the '90s).

Do they think the left will differntiate between "Isreali Jews" and "Ameican liberal Jews"? They won't. Plenty of Jews that fought for Germany in WW-I ended up in concentration camps under the Nazis. It didn't matter that they were loyal to Germany, all that mattered is they were Jews.

I don't understand why American Jews aren't terrorfied of the rise of anti-semitism on the left. It's becomming institutionalized in the Democratic party as a pro-palestine/anti-Israel position, but what's driving it is emotion: a deep down, hard core, hatred of Jews.

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