Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Viewpoints: Racist cartoon of Obama forces me to leave GOP"

Article from SacBee here

And so it starts. The race card will be played over and over again. The GOP will be branded racists and bigots. 2012 will one of the most divisive campaigns in our history. Obama is desperate.

-- Yes, Obama called in a favor from a random black Republican guy and asked him to write this op-ed for a small newspaper most of you have never heard of. CLEARLY.


but any cartoon that insults white Republicans is A-OK, right?


Hey, much bitching did you do about all the Democrat depictions of George Bush as an ape?


um... OK I believe all this... uh huh.,..
If you were a true republican you would know that IF there was a racist cartoon, it was the reflection of the Author’s racism and not the entire GOP

So... I call BS


A member of the NAACP whining about ‘racism’. Imagine that. What next the black caucus crying about the evil white man too?


The only people who care about that anymore are numb-nuts who would vote Democrat anyway, no matter what.


Holy Crow! This is AWESOME. If this fella is playing the race card for sympathy, he is at best a RINO and at worst a liberal plant. If we can get those types to leave the Republican party en-masse of their own free will, we won't have to start a third party afterall. We'll be able to reclaim "Republicanism". That will save us a lot of time and work. Someone please thank that jack-wagon and hold the door so it doesn't smack him on his way out. And whatever we cooked up to deserve this gift, serve some more up for the rest of them to feast upon.


Ironic he works for the NAACP, an organization that thrives on keeping the blacks suppressed while touting social justice BS and claiming they are freeing them....=.=


So white people (and Christianity) are fair game, but don't ever dare think of doing a cartoon about Mohammed or black people? Shaking my head and rolling my eyes.


If your looking for racism and look long enough you will see it. Even in a drunken state.

I can’t see what is racist about the picture but hey, if you wanna get your Race Card International do it.

Thought they went out of business a couple of years ago but maybe you need a new schtick and have decided we are all against you or Barry for your skin tone, color, whatever.

We never think of it until you bring it up and here you have taken one picture that you have decided to brand as racist and your world view now implicates all others who are in the Tea Party, Beach Party or Costume Party.

You’re just looking for whatever validates your existence since what you were doing hasn’t amounted to anything. (Is that racist? /s)

Frankly, you are probably lying about this whole thing and have been a Democrat all along and you needed make up a story to brace yourself against Barry’s failures.

Why you hold on to this man as some hero or messianic creature is beyond me.

Your guy has an IQ lower than a grave diggers boots and he has just given an interview to Anne Curry stating how “uninvested” he and his family are to him being president.

A confident man wouldn’t utter those words and anyone who could call up Air Force 1 and take a trip would want to be in that position as long as they could.

But, not Barry. He has all but announced his desire to do something else and his family will be okay with that.

So buh, bye to you if were in the Republican party.


Assuming that such cartoons even appeared, how representative OF Republicanism are they? Are they common and popular in the party ... or ... (wait for it ...) are they immediately condemned -- and they result in the effective ostacization of the offending cartoon-creator?

Obama excelled in school? Let's see a transcript. The closest thing I've seen to evidence on that score is his Magna designation on his Harvard Law degree. (Now, bear in mind, it's not hard to be lazy and get As in many classes, if not all, even at HLS -- something I'm personally acquainted with.)


The “Race Card” is so universal that anyone with low enough IQ, looking to blame someone else for their lot in life or to shut down any discussion with which they disagree, can play it any time for any reason.


Was born one of those people and will stay one of those people.


Who ever this clown is, he lying through his teeth. That picture has been around for months. It has nothing to do with race. It’s all about ideology. They are all socialist being depicted. Tell the race baiting creep to F—k off.


So, he cannot look his parents in the eye and tell them he is a member of a party that has one county offical with the bad judgement to not know that she could not mock this president the way the previous president was for eight years, but he had no trouble telling them for years that he was a member of the party that FORMED THE KKK?!?!?


Don’t let the door hit you in the...rear end.

You’ll be missed..not.

First of all, I’m fairly sure you voted for 0 in the first place (based strictly on statistics). Second, your excuse for jumping ship is frankly ridiculous. As the old saying goes, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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  1. Dear Freepers,

    I know you are racists at heart, but you really should try not to support the racial undertones that appear in all of the Obama "ha, ha, this negro likes fried chicken" chain e-mails. This dude is right, you guys should be dismissing these nonsense "funnies", but you continue to defend it.

    The sad thing about this situation is the "colored fellow" has probably done more real work to advance the conservative agenda in the last few years than all of the folks making comments about this article have combined.

    Her is right about one thing for sure. I once asked a former wannabe flame why she always voted for democrats when she was actually very conservative. She said that being a latino, that she couldn't vote for a party that actively hated her even though she shared her philosophies were more in line with them than the democrats.