Friday, June 24, 2011

"Muhammed Ali visits President Bush at book signing event"

Article from Hollywood Outbreak

Summary: Last winter, Muhammed Ali stopped by at a book signing event to meet President Bush.

I’m glad that Bush enjoyed the moment.
I’ve never had any respect for Cassius Clay, however.
The muzzie convert and coward left our country to avoid military service.


Sigh... Forty five years later he’s STILL a draft dodger, but no one cares now either.


I know this will NEVER happen but I continue to entertain the fantasy that one day we turn on our computer to read “CASSIUS CLAY RENOUNCES ISLAM - CALLS ISLAM EVIL”. Imagine the impact that would have? I know, a guy can dream, can’t he?


"When Ali was Ali I couldn’t stand him but I came to respect him after he retired. I was wrong about him. He was a great man who came of age before civil rights and being a white man I had no idea what it was like to be a black man in those days."

Being a Black man in those days & "G'woin tu kill the yellowman" was the same as being Klan."

Yeah communist propaganda along with help from leftists in th USA worked wonders. They used loud speakers to blast that crap at our military about the racist USA etc.....


Cassius Clay was the most dispised fighter in America because of his big mouth. When he came out against the Viet Nam war the makeover by the MSM began!

It was SMOKIN’ JOE FRASIER who landed a good punch which knocked the smartass out of Ali. Ali still won that bout but SMOKIN’ JOE’S punch and left Ali permanently punch drunk.


"[if he left Islam,] he'd be dead in a week, and his family.....2 weeks. He left the Nation of Islam, in fear of his life, he won't take that risk again with Sunni islam, even if he wanted to."

And there in lies a religious truth. On can sometimes never know the heart of a man.


Not a fan. Both because of Ali’s proselytizing for Islam back when few Americans were familiar with it but also for the culture of taunting and trash-talking that he created which has influenced African-American athletes and youth in general to their detriment.

Before Ali, black athletes were dignified men like Willie Mays and Hank Aaron who treated opponents with respect. Ali changed all that.


Ever seen interviews of him? “Whaddy mean boxshing causes bwain damage!?”


Clay disgraced his family name. I lost interest.
There was a B-ball player that did the same thing but I forget his name.


I think he was the only Muslim to immediately come forward to denounce 9-11, I’ll give him that.


Ali PUBLICALLY supported the re-election of Ronald Reagan in 1984.

On a billboard.


  1. "Before Ali, black athletes were dignified men like Willie Mays and Hank Aaron who treated opponents with respect. Ali changed all that."

    I just can't fuckin get my head around this shit.

  2. Google Derp interpreted the comment as such:

    "Black athletes before Ali weren't uppity negroes and they knew their places in society. Ali challenged the status quo and I don't like it when black folk speak their minds."