Thursday, June 30, 2011

Huma Abedin taking time off from Weiner, job

Article from the New York Post

Summary: Huma is taking a vacation to an undisclosed location in order to "chill" after her husband's sex scandal caused him to resign.

No solace from Huma’s real husband, her boss?


as if we needed more proof; marriage to a democrat in an infinitely fungable arrangement.

--- By the way, when Huma said she'd stand by her man, Freepers accused her of both (a) being spineless, and (b) staying in the marriage for the money/success/fame/etc. Classic damned if you do, damned if you don't.


LOL! She’s been taking time off from weiner since she was at least 16...


Huma should go to Pakistan and really see how women are treated. Isn’t she part Pakistani? I thought it kind of odd that she would hook up with a Jewish guy from NY.


I wonder if they have a “dyke” parade the day before the gay parade as they do in New York. or do they have a parade every day?


I didn’t know Muzzies “chilled”. They always appear pissed off and uptight as if they’ve got their Barbara Boxer thong on.


Weiner made two trips to London to speak to Huma’s brother before they got engaged.

There is no way a Jewish man marries a devout Muslim woman without converting.

Weiner gave up liquor and “celebrates” Ramadan with her as a sign of respect.

Huma knew all about his tweeting proclivities before they were married.

The Clintons all knew this and Huma agreed to the marriage.

They all probably didn’t realize that Tony was such a pervert.

They should have kept better tabs on him.


How much would you wager that she slips and falls or some other such “accident” and miscarries during these next two weeks? Miscarriage being a synonym for abortion.


"Just because her "crowd" is immoral, doesn't mean she is.
I have to hope for the best for her....this is a huge embarrassment and plenty of stress...she does need to get away..."

BS, total BS

She works for the Obama administration. She is incapable of being embarrassed

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  1. For any conservatives or Freepers trying to defend themselves, this is a classic example of the prejudice they continue to display while trying to maintain that they're simply against liberal policy or immorality.

    There is no policy or immorality in play here. Huba didn't do or say anything they disagree with, yet they continue to trash her based on her race, religion, or partisan lean. Or, they simply create an "immorality" by claiming that she's a lesbian, thus implicitly showing their prejudice due to sexual orientation.

    Well done, Freepers. Well done.