Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Psychology Today Apologizes for 'Black Women Less Attractive' Post"

Article from Atlanic Wire

Summary: Psychologist writes article about how "objectively" black women are less attractive than other races for Psychology Today website. Psychology Today pulls article and apologizes.

FTR, half of FR was defending black women, saying that they were attractive, or at least saying that attraction can't be objective.

Before you post a word, I suggest you get yourself a TEN FOOT POLE.


Yeah, that "academic freedom" stuff is just fine with the Left until you say something they don't like.


Thank you for posting this and giving me the opportunity to comment on this story, which I had hear about before.

The one group of people that I do NOT find sexually attractive are asian (oriental) men.

Sorry, just don’t get any appeal from them at all.

In fact the only oriental guy I ever found sexy at all was they guy who played “the president” in the Mad TV sketches about the soap opera love story as shown on Korean TV.

OK, that may sound mangled, but he was hot that guy. The millions and millions others? Not so much.


Liberals don’t like people saying things they themselves secretly believe, yet are ashamed to say.


Africa should be the go to place for cheap, available sex, but it isn’t.

--- Wat.


Kanazawa is almost an anagram for Kwaanza.


--- WAT.


Oh oh - Ultimate No-No.

Sorry, Kanazawa-san - you can’t say that in the West, and certainly NOT in America.

Truth, these days, is ALWAYS subject to the dictates of political correctness.


[pic of Michelle Obama]

I don’t know why you’re posting pics of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Oh, wait....

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