Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Request: Sesame Street Promoting Left Wing Agenda

Article here from Brian Koenig

Requested by Forty Two.

Well duh!
They've only been doing THAT since... since... what year did Sesame Street debut on Public Television?


With all due respect to Mr. Koenig, did he just figure this out? My wife has banned Sesame Street at our house for our 2 young children for this very reason.


I can’t wait for Sesame Street to promote Obama’s children’s army, teeny-bopper camouflaged storm troopers — volunteers, of course — fists pumping in the air, shouting “Obama! Obama!” And informing on their parents and playmates/teachers who hold conservative views. (Nazi Germany redux). They will get a stipend and be commanded by felons unfairly imprisoned for ‘non-violent’ crimes, a.k.a. drug use/possession/sale of same. Affirmative action applies since blacks make up such an enormous percentage of the prison population. Nazi propaganda machine. That’s Sesame Street’s goal.


On my day off today, I’m watching the Wonderpets sing about recycling and rescuing a Sun Bear from capitalists.

The commies are freakin’ everywhere!


"How about the interviews post-9/11 with the Illinois politician that we just “had to understand Islam more.”

The politician was Barack Obama."

good point. and i wanted to be fair and open-minded, so i did just that. i learned ALL about Islam. and not from “anti” sites. I read the Quran. the Sira. ahadith. and i literally learned “straight from the Imam’s mouth”.

once i was “inside”, they admitted all the things that CAIR spokesman on the MSM (and FOX!!!) lie about.
(including that Aisha WAS 9 (not “14”), when Muhammad had sex with her at age 53. ...and that if a person leaves Islam, the penalty is death. if a person is gay, the penalty IS death. if a muslima marries a kuffir, she is kicked out of Islam and her family, and as an apostate, the penalty is... you guessed it... death. )

i was at a regional “Dawa” meeting, where they discuss how best to “use” church interfaith events, to best spread Islam. and i learned much more. it was... educational...

i was a door greeter, at a big event where Evonne Ridley spoke. a LOT of men came in, with multiple women about the same age. ...and i was offered one (or more...) submissive well-educated wife. ...Islam has a LOT to offer certain people... and they use it very effectively.
( and since by definition,, taquiya allows them to lie to kuffirs, it is IMPOSSIBLE to learn the truth, except to be inside. ) ...again, it was a very very educational experience...


I watch animal planet and I see an advertisement for whale wars. One person says that we to save the ocean. I think the ocean is rather big and I don’t think a boat of scientists will save it. Maybe that’s just me.

---Come on, Ocean, just pull yourself up by your bootstraps.


  1. Considering the people on Whale Wars are insufferable self-righteous assholes, you'd think that last freeper would love them.