Monday, June 20, 2011

"The Defense Rests (Sec. Gates: Resigning in part before U.S. goes down on Obama's watch)"

I just love that title. Fantastic.

Article from Newsweek

Summary: Sec. Gates is resigning.

First, this is from Newsweek (the seat of DoubleSpeak). Remember the cover stating that we are ALL Socialists Now? Well, WE aren't.

Second, there is nothing wrong with scaling down government. And there is nothing wrong with telling our enemies that we will no longer be blackmailed into supporting them financially....Tell the Marxist at the U.N. to go straight to hell (whence they came). Tell the rest of the foreign slimes who have put us under assault that we will trade with our friends and do no favors with those who seek to destroy us. FUBO!


Getting out before the DADT liberated homosexuals get a hold of HIM.
Too bad the average sailor,soldier,airman and marine about to be homosexually molested and PC punished if they complain don't have the same privilege.


Gates would have more credibility if he wasn’t in favor of gays infesting our military.


Hey Gates, maybe if you took a smaller plane than a Boeing E-4B to shuttle your around, we would have more cash for the military.


"Can’t get any better than least he was a former Naval Pilot...understood the military..."

I really have no major beef with Gates, but I have very great respect for Don Rumsfeld, and I am totally convinced that he acted in what he saw as the best interests of our country, and was and is one of the greatest patriots in the service of our country.


I read it as saying he’s resigning because the economy is grossly mismanaged. A poorly run economy will greatly impact military funding and mission posture and he wants no part in that.


NOW he speaks out?
What a gutless wonder.

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