Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Michelle Obama and the girls meet Nelson Mandela

Article and pictures from Daily Mail

that’s quite a tribal hut .....
I never knew the indigenous culture was so .... British


All they needed in the picture was a white servant and the circle would be complete.


I think Manchelle should wake up and stop spending our money of expensive vacations. Even Weezie used her own money after ‘ Movin on up”
This angry American hating witch should either pay her own way or stay home

Who is paying for her nephews that are on the trip too.

Darn Jan 2013 can’t get here soon enough


Wow! She got to meet a filthy mass murderer who has been crowned as a saint here in Obamaland. I wouldn’t be in the same room with this vicious animal, but then, I’m not Mooch-elle.


"Maybe someday the Obama girls can marry Nelson Mandela. :)"

That would explain why he was so helpful in securing abortions through South Africa's new Constitution. His girls shouldn't be punished by having to birth little Mandelas.


Wonder what Afrikan tribe her ancestors come from? Maybe she could go there and try out for Queen of Forever there.


I want to know who is in her entourage, besides da niece and da nephew. I want to know how much this jaunt is costing US taxpayers. I want to know what “unofficial” duties she’s tending to.

Like her husband, MSM gives the “stylish, well-toned fashionista” a complete pass.

Meanwhile ... Rome burns.


  1. I wonder who was in Laura Bush's entourage and what it cost when she went to Paris, Prague, and Budapest in 2002.

    Hell, how much did that socialist/commie pinko Jackie Kennedy spend of the US tax payers money when she visited Pakistan and India 50 years ago?!

  2. I think the person who wrote, "I never knew the indigenous culture was so .... British," would be incredibly shocked by actual African history.