Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Should Evangelicals Apologize to Native Americans? "

Aritcle from Christian Post

Summary: Evangelicals and other Christians should apologize to Native Americans for the very un-Christian way they've been treated by the majority Christian people since Europeans first started coming here.

I was born here.
My parents were born here.
Their parents were born here.
I am a Native American.
The author should refer to the Indians as "American Indians" and leave the PC crap out of it,because it doesn't wash. Sorry but this kinda stuff just irks the crap outta me.


Apologies do nothing. It never ends with them, so I see no reason to do it.


Apologize for what? Are there evangelical Christians alive today who are guilty of stealing land (or anything else) from American Indians?
We have committed many sins in our own lives for which we need to make amends with God, as well as with those our sins have negatively impacted. We are not responsible in any way, shape or form for the sins of the past.


Are you kidding me? As if the indians were as pure as the white driven snow. Just a bunch of peace-loving, pacifists mowed down by evil white European, imperialist, capititalists /s. Like issuing the 10,019 th apology to them will make any difference. Your taxes are already going towards them white boy.


While I do not profess to be an expert on Native-American history at all, I actually have a loosely formed opinion on this subject - totally opposite of that of the person who wrote this.
After enduring the biased, pendantic series “The West” by Ken Burns, I gave this subject some thought and have come to the conclusion that missionaries had every good intention for educating and saving the Indians who were killing each other, dying of disease and functioning at a primitive level that kept them at a distinct disadvantage in dealing with the coming advanced civilization.
The hideous events that were perpetrated against the Indians were committed by POLITICAL concerns as well as economic interests for the most part. Rarely, it seems to me, could you blame religious efforts on the willful destruction of Native-Americans and their way of life...
(Phew - I feel like a just finished a theme paper for high school history...)


We should apologize for ending cannibalism?

"I didn’t know American Indians were cannibals..."

Karankawas and The Caribbean Indians were.

---This is actually true, but I added it in because I find it hilarious that the Trail of Tears is being justified by the fact that eventually the practice of cannablism died out in a totally different part of the United States.

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