Thursday, June 16, 2011

"COSTCO selling HALAL meat, beware, you might be eating meat offered to ALLAH!"

More halal derp. There was a good amount of disagreement, so I included some of the more sane quotes, too, in order to provide variety.

Link to Costco advertising their (GASP) halal lamb

what makes it Halal???

do they say a couple of Hail Muhammeds over the meat?????


This is disgusting....we purchase a whole lamb from our local farmer....which I’m sure he doesn’t point to mecca to slaughter


We need to outlaw hallalal meat and deport or concentration camp all muslims immediately.

They are enemies of the U.S. and we should declare war on them immediately.


Now, more than ever, it is time to read the label, and MAKE PHONE CALLS to COSTCO and others!

Costco Corporate HQ’s is (425) 313-8100 if you want to ask them why they are discriminating against Christians, as the store in Naperville, Illinois is only serving Halal Lamb loins.
Campbell’s Soup Halal products under the direction of ISNA:


This is not a big deal. Halal and "Kosher" methods of slaughter are essentially the same, a humane way to slaughter animals. Genuine Halal or Kosher stamps on meat simply mean that you are getting good meat, IMO. If you are not Muslim and are not Jewish, just ignore the religious part of the process because it is not relevant to your dinner.


“what makes it Halal?”

It is halal if the animal is sacrificed to the pagan idol of the black rock in Mecca.

This ritual is obviously meaningless, as allah is a nothing (or a demon) and the rock is a rock.

Nonetheless, as a Christian, I fall back on the teaching in Acts to avoid eating meat sacrificed to idols, to avoid giving credibility to the evil religion, so as not to lead weaker Christians astray.


"Hold it right there. Isn't halal-certified meat very similar to Kosher certification for meat, too? "

Important difference: for it to be halal, the animal was sacrificed to Allah, with butcher saying Islamic prayer. Meat from an animal explicitly sacrificed to other gods is forbidden to Jews.


This thread is an embarrassment. Kosher and Halal don’t offend me.

If they offend you, I have two words of advice:



““Hold it right there. Isn’t halal-certified meat very similar to Kosher certification for meat, too?”

Not even close.”

Exactly. I appreciate Kosher foods. They are usually good eats of high quality. Halal is something totally different. Muslims are pigs and their standards are REAL low.


I have a plan.

Go to Costco.

Get all the bacon you can. Maybe some good ham too.

Put it ON TOP of the halal stuff.

(Works best if some muzzie is watching)

Some of their pork in the meat section ins't wrapped too tight. Sometimes the pork blood seeps out. And sometimes that blood gets all over the place.


Thank you for this information. A few days ago my wife bought a $33 lamb roast from our local Costco. She was going to cook it tonight. I told her about this post. When she checked the roast, sure enough it had arabic writing on it, indicating halal. She just took it back, got a refund and told the manager why she was returning it. No halal in this house.


(on eating Kosher foods fine but avoiding Halal) As a Christian, I recogonize Judaism as a true religion, but incomplete.

As a Christian, I recognize Islam as a false relgion, completely.


To me, this is yet another symbol of giving Islam credibility as a religion, which I believe it is not, but rather a political ideology with a religious component.

‘They’ won't be satisfied until the USA is called a Judeo-Christian-Islam country, which has already been seen in some places.

I'm disappointed at some remarks in this thread, giving the Halal Lamb a pass, of sorts.

How many other stores will follow suit, making our shopping very hard if we choose not to buy Halal??

Muslims will not stop until they rule everywhere, and don't seem to mind how long it takes.



I smile whenever I turn over a product and it’s from Israel - whether I’m buying it or not.


people need to realize this is MORE than Christians eating pagan idol food

It is the submission to Islamic Sensitivities, when a Jewish person eats Kosher, it is sold in a separate section, clearly labeled as such, and known to be Kosher

HALAL meat is NOT known as such!!


"Your irrational fears have got the best of you. Like there's monsters under your bed or something. It's just a hunk of meat."

No, it is a murder cult, telling me that i must submit to their religious desires, and how normal people running businesses that control our food, are now submitting to THEIR religious sensitivities by sacrificing OUR food to their pagan god and that my religious concerns are immaterial

If you cant see the danger in that, it is not me who is irrational


My wife renewed but I didn't. I refuse to step inside any Costco store after what they did to that man (forget his name) in Las Vegas; because of their employee's stupidity they set up the cops to murder him. Unforgiveable.

---This is apparently about Erick Scott, a white West Point alum who was shot outside of a Costco after he pulled on a gun on cops. After some research, I might do a post about him sometime.


“But Muslims will eat Kosher and the manner of slaughter is similar.”

Muslims will eat kosher because they know its MORE RIGOUROUSLY ENFORCED than halal.

But they are not similar; Islamic slaughter (halal) is basically BEHEADING.

Halal have virtually no rules on the sharpness of the blade nor any religious (COMPASSION) nor economic incentive to make it as painless for the animal as is required in kosher slaughter.

In Kosher, if the animal is is not slaughtered properly / the blade is found to be not sharp enough to produce painless FAST loss of blood and consciousness, the carcass is rejected (not kosher) for sale to religious Jews.


"I don’t care if butchers praise the flying spaghetti monster. To be honest, I’m not even sure what this thread is about. It seems like a bunch of overwrought hand wringing. What are you pissed about, exactly?"

If you have to be told after reading the headline and dont get it, you wont understnad after I explain it


To me, the thread seems like a tempest in a teapot. I think we (meaning conservatives) are right in fighting our governments’ (fed, state, local) attempts to appease Muslim special interests acting unfairly e.g. allowing Muslim official prayer while ignoring or decrying official Christian prayer, naming Muslim holy days while secularizing Christian Holy days, etc.

But this case is a private business oferring a specific product to a specific group of people. Shouldn’t Muslims living in the USA be able to purchase food prepared in accordance with their religious beliefs, especially if vendors are freely willing to do so?


  1. I don't want to live on this planet anymore dot jpeg

  2. I would love to find a freeper that actually runs around Costco fucking up the meat section so as to get the pork products mixed in with the halal section. The fact that someone would waste time doing this is hilarious anyway, but adding in the fact that he would think it was his PATRIOTIC DUTY to do is even better.

    "How did you defend America today, neighbor?"

    "Why I put a spiral cut ham in the Halal section of the Costco! I take my duties seriously"

  3. I don't care if it's offered to Allah or not, if that's what makes halal meat so delicious. I will eat the shit out of it regardless.

    Halal chicken skewers with saffron and garlic grilled on a hardwood flame with hummus is heaven.

  4. "Some of their pork in the meat section ins't wrapped too tight. Sometimes the pork blood seeps out. And sometimes that blood gets all over the place."

    As a frequent pork purchaser at Costco, this is complete bullshit. Most of the pork that I have ever bought at the joint is sealed by the manufacturer. Even if they are butchered on site, they are more than well-wrapped.

  5. There are people that are offended by Christmas and St. Patricks day, then why can't we be offended by Halal meat?