Friday, June 24, 2011

"Obama's worst gaffe yet - disgraces memory of fallen soldier."

Summary: "The president tells of being able to award the medal to Jared Monti, who he says 'wasn't receiving it posthumously.' In fact, Monti was a posthumous recipient and Obama apparently was confusing him with Salvatore Giunta, the first living recipient since Vietnam. The White House acknowledges the mix-up."

"I sent this to every lib I know, put it on face book, etc.

Disgusting. Hopefully Rush nails him on this."

Did just the same.... and am in total agreement about his needing to simply step down.


Pathetic buffoon.
The best the democrat party & leftwing media could manage. HOW did he get elected?


Absolutely disgusting! There is not enough hate in me to properly hate this “man.” How is it possible he could award the Medal of Honor and NOT remember the circumstances under which it was earned?


Hillary landed in Bosnia ducking sniper fire. Obozo is presenting non-postumous medals postumously. What is WRONG with these people? May Jon Liebowitz will explain it tonight on the Daily Show.


Obama really should just resign now.

He is a plague on the nation.

He is the modern day Typhoid Mary for the country.


The bastards in media went rabid on Sarah Palin’s Paul Revere comments. They talked about it for weeks. Even after she was proven to be correct, they still tried to nail her. Yet, when this lame ass president makes horrible mistakes, they say nothing. I say: FUO


There is no excusing this. If he can’t distinguish between the two brave soldiers and remember their names, he doesn’t deserve to be the Commander-in-Chief. How to you forget and confuse what should have been two special and unique moments in time.


I watched the video with the sound off
he is obviously bluffing his way through a situation in which he knows he is not qualified

he's got more cajones than brains, this has been his modus operandi probably his entire conscious life

he knows he can mesmerize a crowd ... all those guilty whites...all those resentful blacks and browns...he plays them ...substitutes what he doesn't know or feel, with disarming humor, homie talk, jive, “attempted” self deprecation (this falls flat because he is such a narcissist he cannot REALLY put himself down...

This wizard of oz routine put him into the Wh and has worked for him.... up until now

People know he is a fraud
He knows he is a fraud
and now, he knows THEY know he is a fraud


"May God bring comfort to Jared’s parents throughout this."

Amen. How awful this must be for them.

What an insult to the memory of one of America's finest people and his loved ones.

What a despicable person Obama is.


If SARAH PALIN or PAT BUCHANAN had said this the NY TIMES,CNN and ALL Local Newspaper would have carried it as ardently as they did the “Matthew Shepherd” story


BTW this is why we haven’t seen the college transcripts!!!


If I were the family member I would have turned my back on him or disgraced him politically so as to retain the respect of my beloved son who gave his full final measure for our freedom.

0bama is a complete disgrace, and should earn the public scorn from every American who honors our brave fallen soldiers.

If he were ANY sort of man whatsoever, he would publicly apologize and ask to be forgiven be the members of this soldiers family.

IF he were a Man...


Would have loved for the Monti`s to have interrupted him and straightened him out, but they would have probably feared for their lives if they had tried it. Hard telling what crap face would have done to them if they had.


PLEASE, America: fire this douchebag in 2012. Put a Congress and a President in office who LOVES America, LOVES our Constitution, LOVES our military men and women and who LOVES a prosperous economy.


He’s probably like a lot of people (myself included) - he’s good at remembering stuff he cares about and not so good at stuff he’s not interested in. I think that’s human nature. Ask him about rap lyrics, NBA hoops, ESPN shows, or koran verses and he’d probably be pretty astute.

Names of people who gave the supreme sacrifice for their country - err - not so much.


  1. I have a confession to make: I sometimes can't even read your posts. I'll get through like the first four or five freep comments, then flames shoot out of my eyes and I skip to end.

  2. Hah... people's comments quoting Freep are being deleted from the Fark thread on this story.

  3. Really now, who's the Freeper on the Fark payroll?

  4. "I think that’s human nature. Ask him about rap lyrics, NBA hoops, ESPN shows, or koran verses and he’d probably be pretty astute."

    As many people on Fark have already said: please, please just get over yourselves and just call him the N-word. It's better for everyone if you do. You no longer have to try and be clever with your racist comments.