Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"UN Declares Access To Internet A Basic Human Right"

Article here from Techland

Summary: The UN has basically said that the right to internet access is the same as the right to a free press; governments shouldn't block internet information. You'd think this would be right up Freeper alley, however...

Oh for crying out loud.
We need to get a President and Congress in place who will leave the UN and kick them out of our country. What a bunch of irrelevant twits.


So is access to guns, to defend against government-sponsored genocide.


"Nice, so how much is that going to cost me? "
Human rights shouldn't cost anything, so we should all get Internet access for FREE!!!!!

Don't you just love socialism?


Affordable to all. Why don’t they just come out and say the have nots wants what the haves have,socialism on the march.


ROFL. Leave it to the U.N. to declare “internet access” a basic human right, in a world where so many people are still peeing in their drinking water.


To: SeekAndFind
What the Hell?
The right to PURCHASE Internet Access MIGHT be a Human Right. But access to the Internet it is NOT a Human Right.

Nobody has a right to ANYTHING for which someone else has to pay. That includes food, shelter, medical care, education, and Internet Access.


The idiots at the UN misunderstand the Declaration of Independence ( as do a lot of American politicians and non-taxpayers today ).

The right to PURSUE Happiness is a human right. Achieving happiness is NOT.

Unfortunately, many people confuse the two and think that they are one and the same.

---Yes, how far we have fallen, now that the UN no longer abides by the Declaration of Independence...

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