Thursday, June 16, 2011

Peddle it Somewhere Else - Halal food carts spotted ON Ground Zero! (Satire)

Article here at Flopping Aces

Now, you may notice that this says SATIRE. But some of the comments, I just can't even begin to apply Poe's law.

I went to New York last year and was kinda disappointed at the lack of the famous NYC street hot dog. I saw way to many Fafalel or Halal or whatever the hell it was. I finally found a couple dog sellers but it was harder than I thought it should be considering NYC is famous for them.


Halal food is from Muslims slaughtering animals by ripping out their trachea and letting them suffer and die. Muslims are viciously cruel to animals.


I frequently visit a big electronics store located less than a two minute walk from Ground Zero and there are always those filthy “halal” food stands on the street.Walking past them I always get the urge to spit...but I know that doing so would probably earn me a court date.


To hell with Halal!.....

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